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87 – Ve le kad ateyna musel kitabe ve kaffeyna mim ba’dihi bir rusuli ve ateyna iysebne meryemel beyyinati ve eyyednahu bi ruhil kudus* e fe kullema caekum rasulum bima la tehva enfusukumustekbartum* fe ferikan kezzebtum ve ferikan taktulun

Indeed, We gave Moses the Knowledge of the Reality (Book) and then sent a succession of Rasuls from among you as reinforcement. And We gave Jesus, the son of Mary, clear proofs (states that clearly confirm the knowledge of the reality). We supported him with the Pure Spirit (the force We manifested through him). But every time a Rasul came to you with truths that went against the desires of your illusory selves, in the name of exalting your egos you denied some of them and killed some. (A.Hulusi)

We gave Moses the Book and followed him up with a succession of messengers; We gave Jesus the son of Mary Clear (Signs) and strengthened him with the Holy Spirit. Is it that whenever there comes to you a messenger with what ye yourselves desire not, ye are puffed up with pride?- Some ye called impostors, and others ye slay! (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)



Ve le kad ateyna musel kitabe ve kaffeyna mim ba’dihi bir rusuli Without a doubt we gave Moses the book. And followed him up, we sent prophets one after another. ve ateyna iysebne meryemel beyyinati ve eyyednahu bi ruhil kudus* We gave Jesus, son of Mary clear signs of truth and backed him up with a Pure Spirit e fe kullema caekum rasulum bima la tehva enfusukumustekbartum So whenever a messenger comes and delivers a message that you don’t like; will you protest him with your prides with arrogance? fe ferikan kezzebtum ve ferikan taktulun Some you called imposters, others you killed.

Dear fellows, as you may recall, we translated the verse 86 in our previous lesson. And by those verses we processed, we learned how sons of Israel became Jewminded and lost their identities and essences, how they became stranger to themselves and fought with each others. And to the conclusion of all that how their ethic values turned upside down and chose this temporary world in exhange for their land of eternity.

In this verse which is a follow-up to those, their insincere behaviours have been explained with open proofs. Their behaviour of denying Muhammad (even they knew the message given to Muhammad by Allah is the same message given to Moses, which they chose him as their societies leader and loved by them as a national head figure) by saying “He’s not one of us.”, may be understood and accepted because of their irrational racist behaviours. But then it would be completely meaningless them to deny the celestial messages sent to Jesus and act him against with arrogance, insolence and all out rebeliance. This gave us the proof of their insincerity. And this verse shows us sons of Israel which chose to became Jewminded individuals using their superstitious “He’s not one of us.” claim; to justify their rebellion is not genuine or even close to be justified.

The Book in the first sentence of this verse is a word that need to be explained. El Kitap (The Book) comes from the root of ketp which means to sew two things together. This form of usage of El-kitap comes 230 times in Qur’an. In full explanation, it means a text which contains a particular information, has obvious and clear beginning and an ending and has an integrity within itself. The usage in Qur’an also gives us the meaning of the speech of Allah. For that reason, a part of a message even a single verse may be considered and named as a book. So the kitap word used in Qur’an should be taken and used as the celestial message.

Again in this verse it’s been said that the proofs of open truth was given to Jesus, son of Mary. Pay attention though, the name of the prophet Jesus comes as both with his first name “Jesus” and (mostly) 16 times as “Jesus, son of Mary” form. It’s obviously not a coincidence. Jesus in aramic (which is a derivation of Hebrew) called “Yesu”, as in the blessing of Allah, beneficence of Allah.

Why does Qur’an choose to use the name with his mother; why does it come as Jesus, son of Mary; if you ask… The answer is;

1 – With that an attention spot has been established about his creation nature. Allah wants us to pay attention about the miracle of his creations blessing.

2 – As all Jews know; Jesus is a prophet from their race; Jesus is a prophet who came from among sons of Israel. As a race and society origin, Jesus’s race is Jewish. But they slandered this holy prophet by saying he had no father and blame this prophets blessed mother Mary for fornication. So by choosing this type of Jesus, son of Mary expression; Qur’an reveals and smacks this slander back to their face. And Qur’an explains that this is indeed a miracle.

Of course this expression of Jesus, son of Mary is not just an objection for Jews slanderings towards the prophet sent to them. It’s also an objection to deitifying, exalting Jesus and putting him as a god figure like Christians have done. Because Christians have believed that Jesus is God’s son and they chosed to show everyone this false belief. Son by using the words Jesus, son of Mary; an objection is given to both Jews slanders and Christians deitifyings. No, he’s not the son of God. He’s son of Mary. His mother is obvious. He’s a human being.

Of course there’s another interesting wordplay within the expression of Jesus, son of Mary. It’s a revolt to that era’s culture. It’s an objection, a serious manifest to that era’s male-centered, male-originated, patriarchal culture. Because that era was under the cultural pressure of Rome, that era’s super power. Rome culture is a patriarchal, male-centered culture. Even the horses of Roman nobles were more valuable than their women.

In Rome, a wife even she’s the mother of that house, weren’t allowed to sit the same dinner table with Father and male sons. They couldn’t. So Allah chose to glorify the woman who was insulted that much, humiliated that much; so that they might know their womens value. For that Allah introduced Jesus the greatest prophet of his time as “Jesus, son of Mary” as an objection to patriarchal pagan Roman culture.

Again in this verse as another expression is made Ruh-ul Kudus (Pure Spirit) as a supporter assigned by Allah to help the prophet Jesus. Pure Spirit. This Spirit expression used in Qur’an twice and both are with the prophet Jesus. One is this and the other one is Maida/110.

First I should make some explanations on this Spirit concept. Spirit is identified as the power, the base force of life, movement and conscious. When Qur’an identifies revelations, both the power carrying the revelations, the spot revelations arrived and even the revelations itself are identified as Spirit. According to a well-chosen idea, the expressions Ruh-ul Emin (Honest Spirit), Ruh-ul Kudus (Holy Pure Spirit) and Ruh (Spirit) are all points of the revelations is general. Some other translators choose to identify these Spirit expressions is the angel Gabriel itself. The opinion I chose the accept is these Ruh-ul Kudus and Ruh-ul Emin expressions are the essence of the revelations.

At this point a pray comes to mind our Prophet said for Hassan bin Sabith. What was that saying? “O Rab, support Hassan with Ruh-ul Kudus (Pure Spirit).” Also in another hadith, “Criticize them, O Hassan; Pure Spirit is with you.” Since Hassan bin Sabith was not a prophet by himself, we should understand that the pure spirit mentioned here is not the Archangel Gabriel. This pure spirit here must be some form of inspiration, harbingered to Hassan’s heart by Allah. Because he was a poet and connections between a poem and hearts inspiration is always clear. So by that point of view, if the expression of pure spirit is used for a prophet, it shows us revelations; yet if it is used for a non-prophet human being, we may understand it as inspiration. But beyond that point, I accept that whoever introduced to revelations, make connections with revelations and fully digest the very essence of revelations, are also have the pure spirit. This pure spirit, this holy essence comes with Allah’s speech. It’s come is almost like a breath to humans heart. A pure and holy breath.

Spirit, is by definition means breath. A wind. Figuratively, Allah’s speech, celestial message is a pure breath to resurrect a mans death heart. A wind to give life. So if a person manages to digest the essence of celestial revelations, accepts it as a whole, understands the reasonings and puts them in his heart and life; that person is blessed and gifted with a pure spirit, a resurrecting breath.

But we should stay here about the meaning of pure spirit for the prophet Jesus, alone. Because we cannot say it means revelations for Jesus. If it was the case, we should see the same addressing for Moses, since both are the topic of this verse. But there’s an exception for Jesus. “We supported him with pure spirit” expression is not used for Moses but Jesus alone. So it’s not just revelations. Not an angel too since angel came for both the prophet Moses and prophet Jesus.

And in the verse Maida/110 with the usage of the expression “Pure spirit” again. That verse includes both Jesus and his mother Mary. So if we choose to count this pure spirit as inspiration, the idea also stuck there. Because inspiration came to Mary as well. Even in Qur’an what came to Mary from Allah counts as revelations. So we may understand that this is a different thing entirely. This pure spirit who support the prophet Jesus. If we ask what could that be;

1 – There were very special miracles given to him. Miracles who weren’t given to any other prophets, that might do.

2 – The special circumstances about prophet Jesus’s birth might be implied. Features that wasn’t like any other prophets.

3 – Again, it might be a special kind of inspiration given to Jesus, alone.



88 – Ve kalu kulubuna gulf* bel leanehumullahu bi kufrihim fe kalilem ma yu’minun

And they said, “Our hearts (perception) are cocooned (by our world – preventing us from experiencing our reality).” No, in fact they had fallen far from (became cursed by) Allah for denying the reality. How limited is your faith! (A.Hulusi)

They say, “Our hearts are the wrappings (which preserve Allah’s Word: we need no more).” Nay, Allah’s curse is on them for their blasphemy: Little is it they believe.(Abdullah Yusuf Ali)



Ve kalu kulubuna gulf, They said “Our hearts are like safes of knowledge. Covered with knowledge.” bel leanehumullahu bi kufrihim fe kalilem ma yu’minun No, in fact Allah curses them for their denials. They believe so shallow, so little…

What do they mean by saying, “Our hearts are covered, filled with knowledge? The first sentence of this verse may be taken for two meanings.

1 – Our hearts are filled with knowledge. As in; “We don’t need that knowledge you are willing to give us.” That is the more sensible version in meanings because back then Jews were considered themselves more wise and educated than Arabs. For that they stucked in their hubris and labeled others as ummu, uneducated. They gave themselves a status of Book Society and considered Arabs as ignorant, uneducated crowd.

2 – Other meaning is, “Our hearts are covered, locked and we cannot understand what you tell us. We cannot hear or accept.” This is not an accurate translation for this sentence. Because “Our heart are filled with knowledge. Our hearts are like storages of knowledge” type of responses make more sense in this situation. Also Ibn. Abbas, Zeccac and Zemahsheri and several others take this verse as “filled with knowledge.”

Those who take the meaning like the other way, back their claims with kulubuna fi ekinnetim the verse Fussilet/5; as in their hearts have veil on them. But the sura of Fussilet is Mecca originated and those who said that were infidels. Those people, those heathenish group might tell this, because it fits with their historical positions. But this type of claims cannot fit to Jewish communities historical positions.

So Jews were telling this because of their pride. They said this in the shadow of their hubris. Other heathenish infidels of Mecca were telling this as arrogance and stupidity. As in, “We won’t hear what you say.” Those infidels were mocking Rasulallah by saying; “What are you talking about; what you say is gibberish.”. But Jews were telling different things and act with pride and hubris against revelations, against celestial messages.

They were in a mental state of pride like they were saying; “We don’t need what you bring to us, we already have better thing than you have.”. Because of their actions, their behaviours are considered as an act of pride, but the expressions of Mecca heathens which are told us in the chapter of Fussilet, are considered as arrogance and stupid behaviour.

Leanehumullahu Allah cursed them. What is the meaning of cursing? How does Allah curse something? Since the explanations about this curse will come by following verses, I’m moving on.


89 – Ve lemma caehum kitabum min indillahi musaddikul lima mealhum ve kanu min kablu yesteftihune alellezine keferu* fe lemma caehum ma arafu keferu bihi fe la’netullahi alel kafirin.

And when they (the Jews) sought insight to have victory over the disbelievers, who denied religion, there came to them a Book from Allah confirming the knowledge that was already with them – and that which they awaited (Muhammad saw) came to them, but they refuted him! So they live in a state far from Allah (the curse of Allah is upon the deniers of the absolute reality). (A.Hulusi)

And when there comes to them a Book from Allah, confirming what is with them,- although from of old they had prayed for victory against those without Faith,- when there comes to them that which they (should) have recognized, they refuse to believe in it, but the curse of Allah is on those without Faith. (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)


Ve lemma caehum kitabum min indillahi musaddikul lima mealhum Whenever from Allah’s domain to them… ve kanu min kablu a message arrives; a message that confirms what’s left from previous revelations, messages. Whenever a verse arrives, comes yesteftihune alellezine keferu which they had seemed to brag against non-believers about the revelations and the prophet about to come. They were saying; “Wait a little longer. A prophet will arrive soon and when he comes we will triumph over you.” So that prophet they waited, the book they wish to gain relentlessly; that revelations arrived to them and fe lemma caehum ma arafu keferu bihi they ignored that revelations and prophet they knew, they recognized and had been waiting for so long; they denied them completely. Covered their truths. Counted them as non-existed. fe la’netullahi alel kafirin But the curse of Allah is on those deniers.

The truth explained and elaborated here is pretty obvious. Sons of Israel were waiting a prophet like I explained in previous verses. So the prophet they had been waiting all that time, arrived. But they were waiting a prophet from their bloodline, their race. And yet this new prophet belonged to a different race. On top of that, this prophet was confirming their own prophet arrived before. He was confirming their own books and saying his prays by turning his face to their own kiblas.

When these verses arrived, the daily prays were been executed by facing Jarusalem. And they were seeing all of them. Yet they denied anyway. Because their problem wasn’t that in reality. Their problems were much deeper. It was a personality, a character problem. An identity crisis, what they had. Because they had sold their own identities, personalities. For that they kept creating excuses and obstacles all the time.

Like the explanations in the verses I read before, they had killed their own prophets to begin with. It might be understandable if they accepted all those prophets arrived for them throughout history, if they accepted the message came for them and act on them by showing their beliefs. But they had acted with arrogance. Even raised the bar to a level of killing them. For all that reasons, their excuses and motives were nowhere close to be consistent and Qur’an chose to reveal their hypocrises, almost like tearing the masks out of their faces.

There’s another expresiion here, musaddikul. Musaddik means confirmer. Qur’an always emphasises the constancy of Islam. Because Islam is not just the religion of the Society of Muhammad, but a general name of constant values of humanity from the first person to the last one. For that, Qur’an always emphasises this fact and frequently points out the constancy of celestial messages, revelations.

So, that’s what it is here. What does Qur’an confirm? It may be asked; is it Tora in hand? No. What Qur’an confirms, counts as truth was not the Tora in the hands of Jews of Madina or the Bible in the hands of Christians in that area. Also which ones could Qur’an confirms amongst them? There was neither a unique Tora was present back then, nor a unique Bible as well. Whose Bible or Tora could Qur’an confirms then? Canaanite’s Tora, Samiri’s Tora or the other two variations. There were four different Tora’s back then. Which one could Qur’an counts as truth? Ananite’s, Canaanites, Samiris or Pherisees. Or for the Bible origins; should it choose among Matta Bible, Luca Bible or Johanna Bible, which are both confirmed as real already and counts as canonical. There were several other unconfirmed Bibles as well. Their counts could reach hundreds. So to the answer of a question like this; no. It definitely doesn’t mean confirming a text that was already at hand.

So what’s the confirmation here? The confirmation is a reference that all celestial truths come from the same origin. O, sons of Israel who became Jew-minded; the origin of the celestial message you have, is also the origin of Qur’an. The source that the prophet Moses had taken the messages from is the same source that the prophet Muhammad took his messages. Same messages come from the same source confirm each others. This is not a reference for the envelope of a message. It’s a referance to their sender. A reference to its meaning. So base on these facts in this verse, no meaning can be understood like the message may only confirms the Tora which was in the hands of Jews of Madina.

Again here ve kanu min kablu yesteftihune alellezine keferu. They were wishing to be victorious over infidels with this. This expression is very clear. Jews of Madina were threatening the Arabs in that area with this. They were saying; “We are expecting a prophet soon. Our books confirm his arrival and it will be very soon. When the time comes, we will be victorious over you. We will defeat you and we will become the sole ruler of this area.”

Even the historical facts, confirm this news. Because the first and second Madina clans that came to Akabe to give their allegiances, were carrying this fear, this panic with them. One of the motives behind this rush of Madina locals to give their allegiances to Rasulallah is this threat of Jews. We should give our allegiance to prophet before them so that Allah puts us victorious over them; which is an understandable and sensible motive. So the historical sources that narrate the talks in this Allegiance; show us the anxiety and panic within the committee of Madina Arabs.

Again; fe la’netullahi alel kafirin I told you in previous verse that I will explain the curse here. The curse of Allah is on those deniers and those who cover the truth. We should take the deniers here as a literal meaning. Because sons of Israel who became Jewminded did cover the truth they knew before and believed before. And for that Allah cursed them.

Allah’s curse is this. Isolating someone from his mercy temporary. A person or a group. Temporary setback in blessings and mercy is called curse. If a person set a curse it means malediction, a bad pray. If a curse comes from Allah, it means cutting someone or some group from Allah’s blessings temporary.

Of course by looking this point of view, this conclusion is false. “Jews are a cursed clan.” No. This type of claim is the opposite view of Jews Sacred Clan claims. Because there are no sacred clans and no cursed clans either. We learn from a hadith we read from Ahmed bin Hambel’s Musnedi; to an answer directed to Rasulallah about Jews, Rasulallah answered like this.

“Allah never cursed a clan to another clan.” Meaning behind this sentence is to hold Muslims back from falling into a false ideology about a cursed clan. Because somehow Muslims developed this type of argument. Cursed Clan. And as the opposite side, Jew were counting themselves as Allah’s sacred clan. But here, those who have the curse are those who commit this crime. Allah never hold responsible a son for his fathers crimes, for sure. And for that there’s no such thing as a clan, meeting a curse all together. And on top of that Qur’an also says, Allah’s curse are upon hypocrites as well.

Also in other parts of Qur’an, there are indications that killing a true believer intentionally is an act to meet Allah’s curse and wrath. So if you put all these informations side by side; being exposed to Allah’s wrath is not something for the babies of sons of Israel who become Jewminded. In fact meeting Allah’s curse is possible by commiting different type of crimes.

So, Allah’s curse is for a logic. It’s for a choice. Not for a clan because in those clans such people existed they converted to Islam. And to disprove this logic, such Muslims came to exist; for one of the rabbis Abdullah bin Selam who converted Islam, our prophet Rasulallah used a phrase like this. “He who wants to see a citizen of Heaven, should look at this person.” Our prophet rarely used these type of sharp expressions about harbingering paradise. There were many who had the good news of heaven given by Rasulallah. But this phrase was used only for Abdullah bin Selam who accepted the leadership of Rasulallah, converted to Islam from a position of Rabbi of Jews. It’s almost a move to crush the logic of cursed clan ideology.

A societies history is its memory. So; by claiming that we don’t mean that a society wouldn’t carry something from its past. Every single society without a doubt carries its history to future. We can also say every society has a DNA. This DNA carries a communities features, weak spots to future generations like a habit or heritage. This features are like genetic codes and possibly carries genetic illnesses as well. We may see these kind of deviations has been carried throughout the generation of Jews like they were genetic illnesses. With that point of origin, we understand Allah message to the society of Muhammad which have been assigned to deliver the last celestial messages to humanity, is this:

“O, Society of Muhammad, if you become Jewminded, you would carry a disease like this generations to generations. You carry your history on your backs. That history may become a liability to you.” That’s why by saying “there’s no cursed clan.”, I don’t mean societies don’t be effected from their own past.



90 – Bi’semeshterav bihi enfusehum ey yekfuru bi ma enzelellahu bagyen ey yunezzilellahu min fadlihi ala mey yeshau min ibadih* fe bau bi gadabin ala gadab* ve lil kafirine azabum muhin.

How wretched it is that out of envy they deny a servant of Allah, whom Allah revealed from His grace (from one’s essence to his consciousness), and because of this denial they cover the absolute reality within the ‘self’! Because of this they were subjected to wrath upon wrath (they were reduced to an unconscious state of living, veiled from their essential reality). And for those who deny the reality (disbelievers) there is a humiliating punishment. (A.Hulusi)

Miserable is the price for which they have sold their souls, in that they deny (the revelation) which Allah has sent down, in insolent envy that Allah of His Grace should send it to any of His servants He pleases: Thus have they drawn on themselves Wrath upon Wrath. And humiliating is the chastisement of those who reject Faith.(Abdullah Yusuf Ali)



Bi’semeshterav bihi enfusehum ey yekfuru bi ma enzelellahu bagyen ey yunezzilellahu min fadlihi ala mey yeshau min ibadih How awful it is that out of envy they deny a servant of Allah, just because Allah should send it to any Allah pleases; (how awful) they sell their identities by denying the message. This is important. Bi’semeshterav bihi enfusehum How awful selling their personalities. Actually enfusehum I choose to translate this word as personality or identity. But it can be translated as themselves. They sell themselves.

What’s that mean? How can a personality be sold? What would happen when an identity is sold? For a person to sell himself; it is a heavy expression. Yet we can only understand the depths of being Jewminded with this kind of heavy expression. Selling himself here is nothing but denying himself for being what he is. If a person of a community starts to deny its reality, deny itself, this is the definition of marketing, selling its personality, identity.

How can we understand this? First of all, we may check on that societies behaviours for becoming monkey characteristics. Like we described in our previous lessons when we translated and explained the verse 65; lehum kunu kiradeten hasiin “Become worse than apes.” Because they were lowering themselves to that level by mimicing, their own enemies. And this monkey behaviour brings forth alienating himself. Other name of becoming stranger to himself is becoming stone hearted, which we also translated in the verse 74 Summe kaset kulubukum, we should check on the verses 74 and 81 here. To be able to understand fully of what we are telling right now, you should check on those verses.

In verses 74 and 81, we stayed on topics of how sons of Israel who become Jewminded became stranger to themselves and how they were far from being at peace in their own beings. What was the verse 81, saying? It was saying, how their sins covered them completely. What was the meaning for a man to be covered with his sins? Being surrounded by sins means building a fortress of sin in the very own heart. If a heart, a mind becomes a prisoner in a dungeon made of sins, then this man becomes a stranger to himself.

So naturally, there’s only one thing left in this situation. Selling his identity. This is the final round. In the process for sons of Israel of becoming Jewminded, this process is the final round and in the end suffers the worst consequence. This end comes with a form of selling his own being. If you sell your own personality, then you are no more. You don’t have values. You don’t have anything to hold dear. Because you sell yourselves and naturally you cannot expect from anyone in front of you to appreciate you. A society which sell themselves, become vile and meet their doom. Become crushed and turn into a toy who ever gets his hands on them.

So, the history of Sons of Israel is a history of this scandals; being disgraced and turning a toy in everyones hand. Someone who can catch a glimpse of these historical facts may easily see this truth. Qur’an explains the reasons of all this. And especially stays on the topic of selling their personalities. And the reason for selling their identities is in fact the denial of their own truths. Because they deny the truth they knew, the truth which was arrived to them. They denied the truth which was sent to them long before Muhammad’s arrival and invitation. The signs that telling them Muhammad’s arrival was informed them by their own prophets. They refused their prophets and the news within their books just for a spite, a collective pride. And that’s what alienated them to themselves.

fe bau bi gadabin ala gadab What does this act of alienation means? They met trouble over troubles. They felt wrath over and over. Remember the verses we translated before. They alienated themselves. They reached a level so twisted, they couldn’t recognize themselves. And after that, they denied themselves. If you put all of them together, we can understand the real meaning of meeting the wrath over and over again.

ve lil kafirine azabum muhin And for those who cover the truth there is a humiliating punishment. Not a normal punishment. If we think carefully on this expression, becoming stranger to yourself is a wrath. Denying yourself is another wrath. And on top of all, selling yourself is another wrath. In fact, for a someone to sell himself is the most humiliating type of wraths. The wrath to lower a person to the bottom level. For that it’s been showed us as azabum muhin most humiliating wrath. Because a greater wrath cannot be given to a society after they sell their identities. For a community; their identities loss is a calamity far worse than a fate of raining stones on their heads. Because if a society sells its personality, there’s no turning back or recover.

If a community meets poverty, it can gain again. If a country lose grounds, it can claim them again. If a society lose a battle, they can triumph again. But if a society lose their identities, personalities, the features that binds them together, recovering from that would be harder that gaining grounds or gaining money, knowledge, technology.



91 – Ve iza kiyle lehum aminu bi ma enzelellahu kalu nu’minu bima unzile aleyna ve yekfurune bi ma veraehu ve huvel hakku musaddikal lima meahum* kul fe lime taktulune embiyaellahi min kablu in kuntum mu’minin

And when it is said to them, “Believe in what Allah has revealed,” they say, “We believe only in what is revealed to us” and they disbelieve what has been revealed to others. Whereas those revelations confirm that which is within them! Say, “If you really believed in the reality that was revealed to you, then why did you kill the Nabis of Allah?” (A.Hulusi)

When it is said to them, “Believe in what Allah Hath sent down, “they say, “We believe in what was sent down to us:” yet they reject all besides, even if it be Truth confirming what is with them. Say: “Why then have ye slain the prophets of Allah in times gone by, if ye did indeed believe?” (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)



Ve iza kiyle lehum aminu bi ma enzelellahu kalu nu’minu bima unzile aleyna When it is said to them, “Believe in what Allah sent down”, believe in heart and with sincerity, they say nu’minu bima unzile aleyna “We only believe in what was sent down to us.” ve yekfurune bi ma veraehu and deny anything else, beyond that. ve huvel hakku musaddikal lima meahum And yet those revelations they deny are actually confirm that which is within them! They deny anyway. Kul, tell them, fe lime taktulune embiyaellahi min kablu in kuntum mu’minin If you are sincere with your beliefs, if you are honest with your “We only believe what was sent down to us.” claims; then why did you murder the prophets of Allah? Brutally, without mercy…

Seriously; speeches arrive with an attitude that cannot be answered. You cannot say anything over this words. And these type of expressions may only come from Allah. This truth may only be informed us by Allah. If our prophet Muhammad was the writer behind these claims, it would be impossible to form these expressions. They can only be informed us from a position of an observer the process of sons of Israels becoming Jewminded beings; a position who knows them and read their hearts better than themselves; and that can only be revelations.

Their mask were torn away from their faces with an attitude that cannot be replied. A question; “If you are sincere with your, “We only believe what was sent down to us.” claims, then why did you kill the prophets who informed you with our messages before? We stayed on this topic before, the topic of the prophets killed by them. John the Baptist and the prophet Zachariah are just two prophets in many they killed. Slaughtered them like sheeps. When a message had sent down to them they didn’t like, they were throwing stones to prophets and killed them if they could. But in fact those prophets arrived from within their clans and the messages were also coming for them. Yet they chose to kill them without mercy.

So in this verse that false masks were falling down by saying; “Your problem wasn’t a racial one. No. You are using these claims as shields and as tools of mischief. You misbelief for Muhammad is not because he didn’t come from your clan. If we chose to make him born within your clan you would do the same things. You wouldn’t believe and even tried to murder him too.” After that the words turn again. “Your problem lays deeper. Your problem is a scar on your hearts. You have no identities. You have no self respect or trust. You chose to deny the truth and for that you became stranger to yourselves. You are carring rocks instead of a beating heart.



92 – Ve le kad caekum musa bil beyyinati summettehaztumul icle mim ba’dihi ve entum zalimnu.

Moses had certainly come to you with clear proofs, manifested from his essential reality. Yet you took a calf as god and did wrong to your selves (to your essence). (A.Hulusi)

There came to you Moses with clear (Signs); yet ye worshipped the calf (even) after that, and ye did behave wrongfully. (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)



Ve le kad caekum musa bil beyyinati summettehaztumul icle mim ba’dihi ve entum zalimnu. Behold how their crimes are showed to them here. Qur’an pulls the line to a point by saying; “Not just your other prophets but the one who save you from Pharaoh’s torment, the one you owe if you may live as a society today thanks to him, the one you considered as a national hero, national leader, your personal guardian. You acted the same to the message Moses gave to you. So let’s consider that. Who do you act with good intentions so far? The verse almost saying things like; “Which celestial message have you believed as you suppose to?”

Ve le kad caekum musa bil beyyinati Moses had certainly come to you with clear proofs, open documents of truth. What did you do? summettehaztumul icle You manifested a calf made of gold. mim ba’dihi as soon as he left your presence, you created a golden calf. ve entum zalimnu and by doing that, you did wrong to yourselves. They did behave badly to themselves, which I believe it’s an accurate translation for the expression zalimun in Qur’an. Because who else could they agonize? The one who turns his back to the truth may only do wrong to himself.

How can he do wrong?

1 – Turning back to truth means staying in dark. And this is solely a torment. For a a human to do wrong to himself.

2 – The one who rejects the truth meets Allah’s wrath and agony. Allah sends the calamity and they have no choice but to live to consequences whether they want it or not. Both in this world and the other. For that turning his back to the message, the truth; is doing wrong only to himself.


93 – Ve iz ehazna misakakum ve rafa’na fevkakumut tur* huzu ma ateynakum bi kuvvetiv vesmeu* kalu semi’na ve asayna ve ushribu fi kulubihimul icle bi kufrihimv kul bi’sema ye’murukum bihi imanukum in kuntum mu’minin

And recall when We took your covenant and raised over you the Mount Sinai (removed your sense of ego), saying “Perceive, experience and live the requirements of what We have given you with the forces comprising your essence.” But they said “We perceive but we do not accept.” Because of their disbelief their hearts absorbed the love of the calf (corporeality – externality – ego). Say, “If you say you are believers, and this is the result of your faith, how wretched an outcome for you!” (A.Hulusi)

And remember We took your covenant and We raised above you them Mount (Sinai): (Saying): “Hold firmly to what We have given you, and hearken (to the Law)”: They said:” We hear, and we disobey:” And their hearts were filled (with the love) of the calf because of their Faithlessness. Say: “Vile indeed are the behests of your Faith if ye have any faith!” (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)


Ve iz ehazna misakakum ve rafa’na fevkakumut tur And remember we took a precise covenant from you, you promised us. By raising the Mount Sina above you. huzu ma ateynakum bi kuvvetiv vesmeu What was the promise? Hold tight to the message we gave you and adapt it to your lives, hear the truth from now on. vesmeu We took covenant from you that you should accept the truth, that was the last warning. Kalu So what did they say? They said: semi’na ve asayna We heard, percieved the message and disobeyed. Of course those were not the exact words. Their acts gave away this answer. Their behaviours said that. Surely no one says; “We heard O Allah, yet we choose to rebel you.” But Allah sent down a message, if you percieve the message as a society but choose not to put it in your lives; Allah sees this type of act as equal to saying “We heard and rebeled. It has the same principles for the Community of Muhammad. If the people of Muhammad also get the message but don’t put it in their lives, they also say these wicked words. “O Rab. We heard your message but we chose to rebel anyway.”

ve ushribu fi kulubihimul icle bi kufrihimv As a reason for this behaviour, this is shown. Because they covered the truth, for their denials their hearts are filled with the love of calf. For a better perspective we might say, love of the calf sat on the throne of their hearts.

What does it mean, something put a throne in a heart and sit on it? Giving love to that thing. If a heart is being throned by a particular love, that means the heart gives the power of control to that thing. So whoever wishes to see the leadership of a heart, he should look for who’s sitting on the throne of that heart.

So this is what expressed here. In the hearts of sons of Israel, a golden statue of calf was the thing sitting on a throne. This feeling is explained in Qur’an with the exact words of “filled (drank fully) with the love of calf. Actually here it’s been understood as himul icle. It means an explanation for a completion. Love of the calf has been drinken to hearts. In that sense I don’t think it’s necessary to open up this completion, it’s all there. Filling a heart wih something has the same meaning of throning a heart. What is the meaning behind this metaphor? They became earth-only people. They chose to give the power of their hearts to earth. In reality the love of calf filling their hearts here, symbolizes the earth. The calf which is the embodiment of earthly wealths, sat on the thrones of their hearts and that turned their hearts into earth bounded rocks. This is what was explained here.

kul bi’sema ye’murukum bihi imanukum in kuntum mu’minin Tell them; if you believe sincerely, then how awful things your beliefs command. They say; “We believe.” They always say that. So you tell them back; “Let’s accept that you really believe. And yet a belief always commands good deeds to humans. A belief without protecting and acting with beauty, is not a belief at all. So how can you believe whilst your belief always wants you to act so vile? In this situation this is what meant to be said. What you hold your hearts throne is not a sincere belief but the devil itself. When satan holds your thrones in your hearts; hands, foot, eyes, ears, tongue, lips; they all work for it. They all execute its commands. They all do what it says. Because if someone manages to take the palace and overthrows the king; then all armies, royals, states, merchants and people follow him. They all bow to him.

For that, the heart is the capital city of the body country. So in body country; if satan manages to capture the capital, then from now on, all organs, eyes to ears, arms to legs will follow its directions. Because of it, your bragging about your beliefs which is nowhere close to your hearts, means nothing. Because when satan holds your hearts, you will have to follow its commands all the time.



94 – Kul in kanet lekumud darul ahiratu indellahi halisatem min dunin nasi fe temennevul mevte in kuntum sadikiyn

Say, “If the abode of the eternal life to come with Allah belongs only to you and not others, then you should wish for death if you are true to your word!” (A.Hulusi)

Say: “If the last Home, with Allah, be for you specially, and not for anyone else, then seek ye for death, if ye are sincere.” (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)



Kul in kanet lekumud darul ahiratu indellahi halisatem min dunin nasi Say; if the after life for humans, the heavens with Allah are meant to you specially; fe temennevul mevte in kuntum sadikiyn If you are sincere with your claims, the wish for death. Seek death, ask for your ends. What were they saying? The after life heavens are only for Jews. Only Jews will be allowed in heavens.

There’s also an ascription here for the verse 111 in this chapter. There is a claim of theirs in that verse. And here it’s been rejected. How cannot be rejected? Can a society whose hearts are filled with the love of golden calf, wish their demise? And moving on.



95 – Ve ley yetemennevhu ebedem bima kaddemet eydihim* vallahu alimum biz zalimin

But they will never wish for death, because of what they have put forth with their hands (their sins). And Allah, as their reality, knows who outputs wrong. (A.Hulusi)

But they will never seek for death, on account of the (sins) which their hands have sent on before them. And Allah is well-acquainted with the wrong-doers. (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)



Ve ley yetemennevhu ebedem bima kaddemet eydihim Because of what they have done with their hands, they will never, absolutely impossible to wish for death. They cannot seek death. vallahu alimum biz zalimin Allah knows who do wrong to themselves.

Here; bima kaddemet eydihim almost points out the criminal records of a society for what they did before. A previous conviction, a real criminal record. What is that? A vile act, a crime was committed, a sin was made but there was no repetance following, no apologize was given. Otherwise there is no previous record type exists in Islam. Yet a crime was committed, a judgement was made, but no apology, no repetance, no regret followed that vile act. So for that Qur’an says they have a criminal record for them. Crime exists, but no apology is given. They weren’t judged yet.

Of course these verses are in answer forms for Jews claims of nobody except Jews may enter heavens, which I said a while ago this claim is on the verse 111 in this very chapter.

Jews have banished afterlife thoughts from this living existence. We can see they don’t believe afterlife; like the cult named Sadducess among them have serious debates about the existence of afterlife, which we may read it in the Matta Bible. So; they have serious doubts about the existence of afterlife. Actually when you compare the Tora with Qur’an, you can easily see the lack of afterlife thoughts of Jews, since they also choose to banish them from their holy books as well. Afterlife thoughts are both absent in their lives and the book which they had written with their own hands. The very idea of afterlife is extremely thin in Tora.



96 – Ve le tecidennehum ahrasan nasi ala hayah* ve minellezine eshraku yeveddu ehaduhum lev yuammeru elfe seneh* ve ma huve bi muzahzihihi minel azabi ey yuammer* vallahu besiyrum bima ya’melun

And you will surely find them to be of the most ambitious of people about the worldly life! Even more than those who live in shirq (duality; associating partners with Allah). Each one of them desires to live a thousand years! Whereas a long lifespan will not distance them from suffering. And Allah, as their essential reality, is the Basir (the evaluator of what they do). (A.Hulusi)

Thou wilt indeed find them, of all people, most greedy of life,-even more than the idolaters: Each one of them wishes he could be given a life of a thousand years: But the grant of such life will not save him from (due) punishment. For Allah sees well all that they do. (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)



Ve le tecidennehum ahrasan nasi ala hayah* ve minellezine eshraku. You will find them among the people who want to be the most ambitious about life. Even; ve minellezine eshraku. From infidels, or with an accurate expression those who give the position of a deity other than Allah. You find them more greedy about life from those non-believers. It’s obvious, does a criminal want a trial? No sinner wants judgement.

So a society which its history is full of riots and rebellions against Allah, wants death? Because death is a trial. Only who live their lives preparing death and have expectations from afterlife may seek and wait for death. Therefore they didn’t want death. But even they didn’t want, even they didn’t believe truly, they showed themselves like they really want it. They couldn’t even be honest about this.

yeveddu ehaduhum lev yuammeru elfe seneh ve ma huve bi muzahzihihi minel azabi ey yuammer. Each of them wishes to live a thousand years, each of them wants to have a life for thousand years without interruption. Thousand years expression here is a metaphor. What wants to be said here that they want to live eternally, without tasting death. And answer; ve ma huve bi muzahzihihi minel azabi ey yuammer But even they live that long, such live will not save them from suffering. Do they really thing by living longer, they can escape Allah’s wrath? They won’t escape. vallahu besiyrum bima ya’melun Because Allah sees well of what they do.

I would like to stay briefly on the name Basir of Allah. Basir is the opposite of blind. The name is one of the Esma of Allah. This adjective means, as both quality and quantity, watching and seeing something with it’s essence as a whole with all the content and depth and without the limitations of time and space. The name cannot be contained with time or space or anything. It means seeing something with both its depths, with all its content and with all the parts of things, seeing it as a whole. This is what Allah’s sight.



97 – Kul men kane aduvvel licibrile fe innehu nezzelehu ala kalbike bi iznillahi musaddikal lima beyne yedeyhi ve hudev ve bushra lil mu’minin

Say, “Whoever is an enemy to Gabriel should know that it is he who has revealed (the Quran) to your consciousness, by the permission of Allah (B-iznillah; the suitability of the Name composition comprising his essence), confirming that which was before him and as guidance and good news for the believers.” (A.Hulusi)

Say: Whoever is an enemy to Gabriel – for he brings down the (revelation) to thy heart by Allah’s will, a confirmation of what went before, and guidance and glad tidings for those who believe,- (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)


Kul men kane aduvvel licibrile fe innehu nezzelehu ala kalbike bi iznillahi musaddikal lima beyne yedeyhi Say; whoever is an enemy of Gabriel; he should know that Gabriel fe innehu nezzelehu ala kalbike bi iznillahi is the one who brings down the revelations in your heart by Allah’s will. He who becomes an enemy to Gabriel, just because he didn’t give the revelations to one of them, one of the Jews; and because he delivers the words to Muhammad, one of the Arabs; should know that Gabriel didn’t do it, didn’t decide it on his own. Allah ordered him to. Because Gabriel cannot decide who would he delivered the revelations to. Allah does.

musaddikal lima beyne yedeyhi Even what Gabriel brought down is confirming the truth what they have left in their hands. This meaning is pretty convenient, even the most convenient one indeed. It’s true that what Gabriel brought down confirms the little truths they still possess. And the feature of the words; ve hudev ve bushra lil mu’minin Exact translation; Guidance. To whom? To all humanity. ve bushra lil mu’minin A good news, an evangelion of heavens, a congratulate of eternal joy to those who believe them. In here, there’s an answer designed specifically for Jews claims and rejection to them. So let’s read the following verse and stay on this claim for a while.



  1. Men kane aduvvel lillahi ve melaiketihi ve rusulihi ve cibrile ve mikale fe innellahe aduvvul lil kafirin.

Whoever is an enemy to Allah (the reality of Uluhiyyah) and the realm of angels (the manifestations of the Names of Allah in the worlds) and His Rasuls (those through whom the reality is disclosed) and Gabriel (the disclosure of the Knowledge of Allah) and Michael (the force that guides to and enables the attainment of both physical and spiritual sustenance) then indeed, Allah is an enemy to those who cover this reality! (A.Hulusi)

Whoever is an enemy to Allah and His angels and messengers, to Gabriel and Michael,- Lo! Allah is an enemy to those who reject Faith. (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)



Men kane aduvvel lillahi ve melaiketihi ve rusulihi Whoever is an enemy to Allah, and angels and prophets; ve cibrile ve mikale enemy to Allah’s angels including Gabriel and Michael. fe innellahe aduvvul lil kafirin Those people should know this, Allah is an enemy of infidels.

It’s obvious, what meant to be said. They (Jews) declared hostility against Gabriel. Also there are several incidents are showed us in translations for the reason of this verse. If we look at one of them briefly; One day Jews directed many questions to Rasulallah again. They said; “Answer our questions and we will believe.” Rasulallah answered all their questions and when they had all the answers they seek, they asked one last question;

“So who brings you all these knowledge and truths?” they asked.

Rasulallah answered; “Gabriel.” Then they replied;

“That won’t do. If Michael was the one who brought you that, we will show our faiths but we won’t show it for what Gabriel brought down.”


“Because throughout our history, Gabriel only brought us bad news. Only dark omens, black news. He’s a dark messanger. The white messanger is Michael.” they said.

Of course they found an excuse again. Because this is what they do, what they have always done. What’s that? Choose and seperate. They always do that. They seperated Muhammad from the lineage of prophethood. They seperated Qur’an from the celestial books group. And normally they choose to seperate Gabriel from the angelic family. They always downgrade things. They have a habit of seperation. They cut the truth to pieces. This is one of the omens of becoming Jewminded. This incident , which is genuine since it comes from many different sources and always with the same words; is the reason behind this verses arrival.

Again another reason for this verse is this incident. Kaliph Omar was usually visiting the synagogue since it was on his way from his work to home; he liked to make conversations and debates with the Jews of Madina Synagogue. One day in one of these debates they said;

“O Omar; others don’t treat us like you do. We like you more than them.”

Omar replied; “I see a similarity in the truths we recieved and the truths you had.” They asked;

“Good. But who brought you these truths?”

“Gabriel did.”

“That is not adequate. Because Gabriel is a dark messenger. He doesn’t bring any good news.” they said.

Actually these stories are not necessary for their hostility against Gabriel. The arrival of these verse are quite enough. Wasn’t Gabriel the angel who bring these verses to Muhammad? Weren’t these verses dropping their masks? Even without all the stories and incidents we read; for bringing these verses which crushed their masks and revealed the dark faces of their histories, was more than enough for them to directed their hatred and hostility for Gabriel. It’s 712 verses. The adventure of sons of Israel’s process of becoming Jewminded are told us with 712 verses. More than 1/10 of Qur’an. So for them; bringing down with all those verses which reveal their dark natures, is a reason enough to show hostile intentions to Gabriel.



99 – Ve le kad enzelna ileyke ayatim beyyinat* ve ma yekfuru biha illel fasikun

And We have certainly given clear evidence to you, which no one can deny except those whose purity of origin has become corrupt (with conditionings). (A.Hulusi)

We have sent down to thee Manifest Signs (ayat); and none reject them but those who are perverse. (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)



Ve le kad enzelna ileyke ayatim beyyinat We have sent down you the verses, clear signs of truth. ve ma yekfuru biha illel fasikun No one can deny them except who go astray.

The addressing here turned directly to prophet. The situation in Madina is being explained. The relationship between Rasulallah and the Jews of Madina, is elaborated here including the heart dimension. It’s been wanted from Rasulallah, not waiting them to convert and show faith, because they won’t. He’s asked how can he expect a society who deny even their own prophets, show any kind of faith. And by that he’s being recommended by Allah, not to be in such expectations.

And also for the true believers in Madina, same recommendation was being made; don’t wait for them to believe. Don’t search for any connections between your faiths and their beliefs. Don’t say; “It could be better if they believe like we do.”. They haven’t even believed what were sent down to them, how can they believe what were sent down to you. Almost like a declaration.



100 – E ve kullema ahedu ahden nebezehu ferikum minhum* bel ekseruhum la yu’minun

Is it not so that every time they entered into an agreement some of them violated and disregarded it? No, in fact most of them do not believe! (A.Hulusi)

Is it not (the case) that every time they make a covenant, some party among them throw it aside?- Nay, Most of them are faithless. (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)



E ve kullema ahedu ahden nebezehu ferikum minhum Is it not that every time they gave a promise, some group among them broke it? Violated the covenant? bel ekseruhum la yu’minun No; most of them are unreliable.

The word yu’minun’ here, can be translated as “faithless, unbelievers.” But because the faith is the proof of trust and if we choose to make a description, the reasoning behind the faithful is; those Allah trust them, and they trust Allah, the ones who surrenders to Allah and by that their beliefs are confirmed. Showing faith is showing trust and by that confirm and be confirmed by Allah and what comes from Allah. So with a literal meaning in this verse which talks about covenants, promises and breaking them; I choose to translate bel ekseruhum la yu’minun’ as unreliable, untrustworthy.



101 – Ve lemma caehum rasulum min indillahi musaddikul lima mealhum nebeze ferikum minellezine utul kitab* kitabellahi verae zuhurihim ke ennehum la ya’lemun.

When a Rasul from Allah came to them confirming that which was with them, a group of those who had been given the Book (knowledge) threw the Book of Allah (the knowledge of the reality and sunnatullah) behind their backs (because he wasn’t a Jew), as if they did not know the truth. (A.Hulusi)

And when there came to them a messenger from Allah, confirming what was with them, a party of the People of the Book threw away the Book of Allah behind their backs, as if (it had been something) they did not know! (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)



Ve lemma caehum rasulum min indillahi musaddikul lima mealhum Whenever a messenger came from Allah’s domain and that messenger confirming what they already have, nebeze ferikum minellezine utul kitab a group of those who had been given the Book threw away the Book of Allah behind their backs. They turned their back to Allah’s revelations. ke ennehum la ya’lemun as if they didn’t know. They did actually. But they acted like they didn’t. So what did they turn their faces to; those who throw away Allah’s book, Allah’s celestial messages? What did they choose? They did turn their backs to Allah’s verses, celestial message. So naturally they must have turned their fronts to something. What they chose to face is explained in this following verse.



102 – Vettebeu ma tetlusheyatiynu ala mulki suleyman* ve ma kefera suleymanu ve lakinnesheyatiyne keferu yuallimunen nasas sihra ve ma unzile alel melekeyni bi babile harute ve marut* ve ma yuallimani min ehadin hatta yekula innema nahnu fitnetun fe la tekfur* fe yeteallemune minhuma ma yuferrikune bihi beynel mer’i ve zevcih* ve ma hum bi darrine bihi min ehadin illa bi iznillah* ve yeteallemune ma yedurruhum ve la yenfeuhum* ve le kad alimu le menishterahu ma lehu fil ahirati min halakiv ve le bi’se ma sherav bihi enfusehum* lev kanu la’lemun

They had also followed the devils (those who cause corruption by inciting the illusion) in regards to (denying) the sovereignty (administration) of Solomon (formed by his essential reality). It was not Solomon who disbelieved (curtained from his reality), but the devils who (by following their illusions) disbelieved (denied the reality), teaching people magic and that which was revealed to the two angels (to Maleek) at Babylon, Harut and Marut. But the two angels did not teach anything to anyone without saying, “We are but a trial, so do not become a disbeliever by covering that which is in your essence (by resorting to external forces to practice magic).” And yet they learned from them that which causes separation between a man and his wife. But they cannot harm anyone except with permission from Allah. They were learning what harms them and not what benefits them. Indeed, those who purchased it (magic) will have no benefit in the eternal Hereafter. If only they knew how wretched the thing for which they sold the reality of their essence is. (A.Hulusi)

They followed what the Satans recited (falsely) over Solomon’s kingdom. Solomon did not disbelieve, but the Satans disbelieved, teaching men magic, and such things as came down at Babylon to the angels Harut and Marut. But neither of these taught anyone (Such things) without saying: “We are only for trial; so do not blaspheme.” They learned from them the means to sow discord between man and wife. But they could not thus harm anyone except by Allah’s permission. And they learned what harmed them, not what profited them. And they knew that the buyers of (magic) would have no share in the happiness of the Hereafter. And vile was the price for which they did sell their souls, if they but knew! (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)



Vettebeu ma tetlusheyatiynu ala mulki Suleyman This time they followed what satans and people who became satans recited and prayed over Solomon’s domain. Turning back to celestial revelations means turning faces, attentions to recites and prays of demons. They took it and threw away the revelations. This is what has been told us. When they turned back to the book, they hanged on to Kabala. Kabala is the name of the general ethics of Jewish community which were collected in a book with the same name.

They turned back to Tora, then to Mishna which is the derivation of Tora. Then turned back to Gemara which is the translation of Mishna. What they left in their hands were just spells, gibberish mysterious letters, numbers, magics and charms. They hold on to that. And there’s a sheyatiyn here. The reason behind this sheyatiyn is demonic humans, people who became satans (in a mental sense). According to another translation, their instincts. This can also be translated as egos who order them to do evil and emotions which pull them to make vile and wrong actions.

ve ma kefera suleymanu ve lakinnesheyatiyne keferu Solomon didn’t turn to infidelity. But those Jews who covered the truth, those magicians, enchanters, people who messed with spells and magics who became satans; they disbelieved. For those who couldn’t understand this verse, we should look into the background in history. They saw Solomon as a magician, not a prophet. Even when Rasulallah explained the verses of Solomon’s prophethood; they said, “Look, look. Muhammad mixed the wrong with the truth. He thinks Solomon was a prophet. He was a magician who rides the wind and flies.”

So if we ask, what’s the connection between being a magician and being an infidel. Let’s say it now. In Tora, magic and blasphemy have the same meaning. Tora orders an imminent execution of who performs magic. Again in Mishna, performing magic is considered same as praying to idols. So by slandering the prophet Solomon by calling him magician, they reveal their point of view about him being a idol worshipper. They advertised it like this.

Actually they were doing this job way better, in fact they were the real magicians. They were performing spells. Their first encounter with magic was in the reign of pharaoh. As you know the greatest art form in ancient Egypt was magic. Because of that, they were familiar with magic until that days of Egypt.

yuallimunen nasas sihra* They were teaching magic to humans. Or we can translate it like this. They were diving into blasphemy by teaching magic to humans. Not Solomon, you; were the blasphemers who became demons by teaching magic. ve ma unzile alel melekeyni bi babile harute ve marut* What they taught were the information sent down to harute ve marut’ two angels in Babylon.

Now we should elaborate the concept of magic here. If we look at this verse from above with a wider point of view; magic is put as a lie against the truth, Allah’s words. Those who denied Allah’s speeches, turned their faces to magic. So you have celestial message in one side, and the magic in the other. What’s the nature of celestial message? It’s the truth. The real deal. So basically what stays on the other side is lies. We should look into the essence of magic from that angle. Shortly, magic depends on two things.

1 – Pure lie. Lies and delusions. This delusion is mans own delusion and anxiety.

2 – Abuse. By using and abusing the natures of things, physics, chemistry, human psychology, human soul or other spiritual live beings… Using and abusing them to dominate over humans and effect the very nature of mankind.

Both use superstitious ways and technics. And because of that both stand against the truth. All sides of magic. For that same reason; Ibn. Abbas and lots of second generation believers read; ve ma unzile alel melekeyni bi babile harute ve marut not as melekeyni (angels) but as melikeyni (leaders). These Harut and Marut were two kings, two leaders or basically two head figures but all in all humans in Babylon history. So magic was taught by those two. If we read as melekeyni, a meaning is formed as two angels. So at that point my choice is with Ibn. Abbas and many other translators who think like him.

At this point, Sıtki, Hassan Basri, Said Bin Zubeyr, Zuhri, Dahhak; all took this subject and read it as Melik (Leader). Therefore Ibn. Abbas said in his translation of this verse; “Magic didn’t send down by Allah.They found the magic in Babylon. Babylon was by nature the hometown, the origin of astrology. The source of all star sciences and star based fortune tellings. So those who wanted to learn magic were traveling to Babylon and they taught to them. Jews; Jews who came there by exile.

ve ma yuallimani min ehadin hatta yekula innema nahnu fitnetun fe la tekfur. But neither of these taught anyone (Such things) without saying: “We are only for trial; so do not blaspheme.” We are just mischief. We turn people. So don’t blaspheme, don’t deny your truth.” They didn’t teach anyone without taking their words about this.

Fitne (Sedition, mischief); a literal meaning; a process of melting the gold with fire to seperate the pure gold from the sediments. Seperate the gold from its sediments, seperate the true men from the excuse of men, seperate the true believers from infidels… This word is used by Allah for a trial.

fe yeteallemune minhuma ma yuferrikune bihi beynel mer’i ve zevcih What did they do with it? With magic they learnt, they were seperating woman and her husband, they were planting mischief seed between man and his wife. So think… Think about the dimensions of mischief in society if you sever the bonds of a family. The connections between a man and his wife which were there to make them united.

ve ma hum bi darrine bihi min ehadin illa bi iznillah And without Allah’s permission they cannot cause harm to anyone, ve yeteallemune ma yedurruhum ve la yenfeuhum also they cannot see the benefits even harm themselves. They were learning a thing that can only be harmful to themselves. This is the verdict on magic in Qur’an. They were learning a knowledge that cannot cause harm without Allah’s permission, a knowledge that cannot help them with any form of benefit and on top of those, harm them.

ve le kad alimu le menishterahu ma lehu fil ahirati min halak They knew well that by entering that kind of transaction, they will be empty-handed in their after life. ve le bi’se ma sherav bihi enfusehum Again that expression. And vile was the price for which they did sell their souls. What a terrible thing was what they sold their personalities for. What did they sold for? What was that transaction? By selling the truths and buying magic, embodiment of lies and delusions. By giving away the celestial truths and getting a fraud act like magic; they sold their identities. Actually giving away the truth, turning back the truth expressions are used with the same meanings like one turning his back to his own reality, denying his own nature. lev kanu la’lemun If only they knew.


According to the translations of Abdullah b. Mesud, Katade, Suddi, Ibn. Zeyd and Ali b. Eni Talha from the talks of Abdullah b. Abbas. The meaning is like this. “Jews followed the road of magic both in Solomon’s domain which were taught by demons and in Babylon, from Harut and Marut, the two angels sent down by Allah.

According to Taberi, this view is more accurate and their meaning is indeed “this”. Magic had sent down to two angels, Harut and Marut. After giving the people warnings about it, they taught magic to people, these two. Taberi also says if we accept the bond of negativity here, there are two possibilities and these two have no convience in them.

A – Harut and Marut here are two angels. By following the verse the claim is set by saying, magic hadn’t sent down to them. So the expression of “Those two angels didn’t teach anyone before taking their words on” We are the trial, don’t blaspheme.”, become meaningless.

B – Or these Harut and Marut were beings which demons taught the magic. In that case, if we accept that Harut and Marut were two angels, then the idea of learning magic from demons and fall into blasphemy, become absurd. That idea cannot be used for angels. And their claims of “Don’t blaspheme” when teaching magic to humans, also rejects that idea.

Or we may simply accept that these Harut and Marut were two humans that demons taught them magic. But in that case when Harut and Marut died, this magic should have ended as well. And since the magic continued, this idea is not accurate. So as a conclusion there are no bonds of negativity here but a preposition of beginning.

There are several stories about the identities of Harut and Marut, mentioned in this verse. According to the stories from Abdullah b. Abbas, Abdullah b. Mes’ud. Hz. Ali, Ka’bul Ahbar. Suddi, Reb’ B. Enes and Mucahid, these two were angels.

Ibn. Abbas says; Allah opened the doors of skies to angels to show them the actions of humans on earth. When they saw the crimes and mistakes they committed, they said:

“O Rab, those sons of Adam you taught the nature of materials, those being you created with your hands and ordered angels to bow down to, are swimming in mistakes.” Allah commanded:

“If you were in their places, you would have done the same things.” Angels replied then;

“O Rab. We would have put your glory above all else. What sons of Adams have done would not be suited for us.”

According to Ravi’s translations; angels were commanded to choose the individuals among them to be sent down to earth. They chose Harut and Marut. So Harut and Marut were sent down to earth. Allah ordered them to stay on true path and not be in blasphemy, restricted them from stealing, fornicating and drinking wine; and (exceptions of licenses of Allah) taking lives of others. Other than that, everything on earth were permitted to them.

Ravi continues his words like this: “When angels were living on earth, they saw a woman named “Bizuth” who was like having the beauty of a half world in her possession. They succumbed to lust and wanted to fornicate to her.

This woman who the angels wished to make love desperately offered them a choice.

“Drinking wine, killing a man or worship an idol. Choose one.” Angels said:

“None of these three offers are suited for us, yet drinking wine is the least of sins among them.” So the woman offered them wine.

When wine had made them drunk, they fornicated with the woman. And when their situation was going on like that, someone came and saw them. They killed the man, so that he wouldn’t gossip around and humiliated them.

When they had sobered up, they realized the sins and crimes they commited and tried to ascend to heavens. But they couldn’t. They were obstructed by Allah to fulfill this wish.

When the situation had happened, a veil lifted between heaven and earth, so that angels may see these two angels as they were. Angels saw the lives and sins Harut and Marut’s did and terrified of it. With this incident, they understood;

Whoever stays far from Allah, away from Allah’s blessing, watch and control, that person starts to fear less from Allah. And after seeing this incident, angels have begun to ask for forgiveness for all humans without discriminating them whether they have been believers or not.

        When Harut and Marut realized their mistakes, a choice was given to them by the Celestial side. “Choose one, earthly torment or the torment in afterlife!” Angels said; “We choose earthly torment because earth is temporary when ahiret (afterlife) goes forever.” And they chose the earths torment. They were left in the lands of Babylon and they have been tormented there. (Taberi, I/457-458; Ibn Kesir, Tefsir, el-Bidaye; el-Vahidi, Tefsir; el-Kirmani, Lubabu’t-Tefsir; Tefsiru Askeri; Ebul’l-Leys essSemerkandi; et-Tabressi; et-Tibyan etc.).

This subject with its basic frame might be seen in sources of hadith, almost identical. According to the stories in hadiths, just like it was told, Harut and Marut did commit all three sins and chose the punishment of earth.(Ahmed bin Hanbel, Musned, hadith no: 6178; Taberi, II/433; Ibn Kesir, I/241-242). (collection of.)]



103 – Ve lev ennehum amenu vettekav le mesubetum min indillahi hayr* lev kanu ya’lemun.

If they had believed and protected themselves (from shirq; duality), then the reward from Allah would have been far better. If only they knew. (A.Hulusi)

If they had kept their Faith and guarded themselves from evil, far better had been the reward from Allah, if they but knew! (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)


Ve lev ennehum amenu vettekav le mesubetum min indillahi hayr..! If they had kept their faiths and realized their responsibilities to Allah and protected themselves from shirq, then the reward from Allah would have been far better. lev kanu ya’lemun If only they knew this. If only they knew what was better for themselves. Even all that riottings, all that turning backs to Allah, all those rebellious and sinner behaviours; our Rab, Allah hasn’t given up hope from them and revealed these celestial expressions; if only they realize the truth.

I seek refuge and protection of “Hak of all worlds”, and ask to live a life without turning back to the words and book of Allah; a life blessed with a view against the superstitious and always on sight with truth.

“Ve ahiru davana velil hamdulillahi rabbil alemiyn” (Jonah/10) “Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds!” All products of our claims, causes and lives are for Allah and our last word to our Allah is “Hamd”. “Esselamu aleykum.”



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