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“Euzubillahiminesheytanirracim,” “Bismillahirrahmanirrahim”

Dear friends, we continue today with the 124th verse of the sura Baqarah.

124 – Ve izibtela ibrahime rabbuhu bi kelimatin fe etemmehunn* kale inni cailuke lin nasi imama* kale ve min zurriyyeti* kale la yenalu ahdiz zalimin

And recall when Abraham was tested by his Rabb (the Name composition comprising his being) through certain beings (remember his answers on the sun, the stars and the moon) and he had duly presented his evaluations on these matters and had thus successfully fulfilled the trial. Then his Rabb said, “Indeed, I will make you a leader (one who is followed due to his knowledge) for the people.” (Abraham) said, “And of my descendants?” (Allah) said, “My covenant excludes the wrongdoers.” (A.Hulusi)

And remember that Abraham was tried by his Lord with certain commands, which he fulfilled: He said: “I will make thee an Imam to the Nations.” He pleaded: “And also (Imams) from my offspring!” He answered: “But My Promise is not within the reach of evil-doers.” (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)

Ve izibtela ibrahime rabbuhu bi kelimatin fe etemmehunn And remember Abraham was tested with certain commands by his Rabb, which he fulfilled with success. Kale Rabb said; inni cailuke lin nasi imama O Abraham; I will make thee a leader (imam) to humanity. Abraham responded, pleaded this prize of Allah like this; kale ve min zurriyyeti O Rabb, Will you bring leaders from my descendant as well? Allah gave answer: kale la yenalu ahdiz zalimin Tyrants and wrong-doers won’t be included to my promise. My promise won’t be applied for them.

Here we should stay on the expression “iptila”, a bit. Iptila or muptela as it’s used; means evaluate somethings worth, releasing the essence of something, discovering a secret, testing something to find its worth, trialing, examining… For that reason, all agonies, problems, pains and miseries that humans endure, may usually be called iptila. Because pain is a measuring unit that tests human; it trials and measures the endurace of human. Therefore “iptila”.

So Allah had tested Abraham before he was tasked to be a prophet. Putting him on trial. As you can see prophets weren’t be chosen from bingo sacks, to be blunt. They weren’t random. For prophets, in order to become one, you must face some trials and tests. And Abraham was no exception on that matter. He was tested and passed his trials perfectly.

Here, there were debates on what was the “words” that Abraham tested with. Because the verse uses the expression “kelimat” (words). According to a story from Ibn Abbas, some translations accepted that those words were “ashara hisal”, ten features of cleansing. “Shortening moustaches. Make beard longer, cut fingernails, circumcision, cleaning and shaving of armpits, using misfakh (toothbrush), cleaning mouth and nose. These ten features which some of them are about esthetics and others about natural cleaning; I don’ think those were the ones that meant for trials, since a child may easily do most of these stuffs. And a set of cleaning features that can be done by a child, is hardly a prophet choosing trial that Allah might used. So it’s unthinkable that the word iptila, were just for these features.

And let’s face it; do we really need to search for a trial in Abraham’s life? If we put together everything that Abraham had been tested with, the first thing that comes to our minds is; the trial of fire, isn’t it? So the real meaning with “kelimat” in this verse shouldn’t be taken literally but metaphorically. The kelimat should be taken as the heavy and difficult tests designed for Abraham.

There’s a book named “El-Hasais”, a trilogy by Ibn Cinni. The first page of the first book starts with this word “kelime.” He wrote all the combinations that uses these three letters. And we may see that lots of words can be found with just “K,L,M.” K-L-M, M-L-K, L-M-K, L-K-M, M-K-L, K-M-L. From all those three lettes combinations, almost everyone of them (one excluded) have common meanings of “intensity and power”. It’s a very intriguing research. So the etymologic nature of the word “kelime” shows us that what was told us in this verse, should be a trial that felt heavy and intense. One of these trials was definitely the fire that Abraham was thrown at when he had broken all the clay idols, Namrut (Founder of Babylon Empire) made up; to awaken the people. Another trial was the question of sacrificing his own son. Also the construction of Kaaba.

[Additional Info: Allah had tested Abraham with spiritual stages of heart, secret, soul, concealment, unity, feelings and places; and the knowledges of surrender, acceptance, compliance that may be found in these stages. And Abraham completed these stages by finding Allah and accepting the essence of his within Allah. (Ibn Arabi/Tevilat)]

Again with imigration trial which he was forced to leave his country. First Harran, then Palastine, Egypt and after then; all the way into the Arabia, Mecca. His entire life was a journey. Those were all heavy and hard tests. And as the verse mentioned The Prophet Abraham endured all those heavy pains and excruciating trials and fe etemmehunn Passed all of them. He passed all those trials with perfection. For those reasons, the “words” mentioned in this verse were in fact those heavy trials which in the end made him a friend of Allah and Halil (Unique nickname of Abraham. It means a person who asks no one for help except Allah). And then Allah gave his prize as a reward. He commanded; “I will make you a leader among people.” cailuke lin nasi imama I will make you an Imam.

The Imam in this verse. As in a leader. As you can see here, Imam means leader, front person. The same Imam word as we choose to ignore today, as we see low and contempt; yes, being an imam, requires to become like Abraham first. For that Allah says; “I will make you an Imam for people.” To Abraham.

Imam comes from the root of “Um”. Um means mother. Ummet comes from the same root, they are relatives verbally. From the same root. So, if you ask why like this, why the same origin; because leader is like a mother for the community he lead. He should act with compassion, act with mercy to the society he is responsible, like a mother.

In arabic language; “Um” of something means; the being that,

1 – Cause that thing to exist,

2 – Educate it,

3 – Nurture it,

4 – Protect and look after it.

So those are the features of an Imam. Or in that sense, the director, leader, frontier. Protect and look after, educate, become an example for those people who he lead. Those people, societies, clans or nations. Imam should look after and protect like a mother. The Prophet Abraham was chosen to be an Imam in that sense.

And like we said, Ummet comes from the same root. Ummet; as we will study it in following verses, means the mother nation of human family. Like an Imam is a mother of an ummet, ummet is like a mother of humanity. Imam is the leader of ummet and ummet leads humanity. Imam must be an example to ummet and ummet must be an example for mankind.

After that answer, Abraham made a pray like this; “Make leaders from my descendants as well.”

Of course only a person who understands the value of being a motherly figure can make such a pray. Such a compassionate pray. When Allah blessed him with a reward, he didn’t think for a second to take the reward just for himself; instead he prayed and wanted to ensure that his children and all descendants that will follow them in distant future should benefit from this reward. What a magnificent compassion, it suits just perfect for Abraham. He said “from my line.”, not “my line.”, though. Because he was well aware that not all of his children can become leaders. And that’s why his pray includes “from my line”, expression. So what was the answer to this pray?

kale la yenalu ahdiz zalimin Allah said; “Cruels not included.” Cruels are not in this blessing. Yes, cruels as in wrong-doers to themselves. Because if someone can make wrong to himself, he can act with cruelty to everyone. For that, cruels, evil-doers, tyrants cannot be leaders, presidents, examples and imams.

Based on this verse, lots of scholars (firstly Tabiin, sahabe and imams which follow them), have reached a conclusion that; tyrants cannot be leaders, they shouldn’t rule. Because of this verdict, Hz. Husein had organized an uprising against the “Rule of Umayyad”, and showed this verse as a proof. la yenalu ahdiz zalimin Because there’s no bowing down to tyrants. Tyrants shouldn’t be leaders, presidents, kings or imams.

Again Imam Azam refused the administration to his era based on this verse. Even one time the governor of Umayyad forced him to become the “Head Muslim Judge” which you might say “The Supreme Judge” or “The Head of Justice Department” of that era and location; he refused. When he was tortured for his attitude he said “Not just being the head muslim judge; if you ask me to count this masjits doors, in the name of Allah, I even won’t do that.” Because he was afraid to justify the administration of tyrant. That was his real concern.

When he was alive; Umayyad’s Reign had ended and administration passed on to Abbasids. Abbasids had made the same offer and for them his reply to the Caliph of Abbasid, Abu Caffar Mansur; was the same. Because of this reply, Imam Azam had faced torture, he was put in prison and eventually died under the pressure of torture but even with all that, he didn’t accept the assignment.

The attitudes and ideas of Imam’s about this verse were being summerized beautifully in Cessas’s book, Ahkam-ul Qur’an. There’s an explanation there. “They were slandering Imam. Some say he gave fetva (islamic verdict), made a statements that “The ruling of tyrants, and the becoming an imam for wrong-doers is islamicly allowed.” This is a huge slander. How can an imam who fought all his life against such tyrants and in the end died in the hands of such people; may give a statement like this?

Yes, la yenalu ahdiz zalimin Tyrants cannot reach my word. As in “They are not included for this promise.” commanded the Ruler of Heavens and Earth. By looking at this verse we can easily reach the same conclusion that tyrants would never be worthy to lead and rule over people.

But we cannot reach this end. Tyrant will never be leaders ever. There were examples in history, today also, and there will be tyrant leaders in the future as well. But what this verse meant to say is; they aren’t worthy. They don’t have what it takes to be a leader. If somehow they become owners of the position of a leader, if they somehow reach that rule; they surely reach there by usurpation.

125 – Ve iz cealnel beyte mesabetel lin nasi ve emna* vettehizu mim mekami ibrahime musalla* ve ahidna ila ibrahime ve ismaiyle en tahhira veytiye lit taifine vel akifine ver rukkeis sucud

And We made the House (Kaaba – heart) a secure refuge for the people. So take the station of Abraham (the realization/actualization of the forces of the Names) as a place of prayer (a place where salat is experienced). We told Abraham and Ishmael, “Maintain My House in a state of purity for those who perform tawaf and those who retreat there to experience their servitude and those who bow and prostrate (in prayer).” (A.Hulusi)

Remember We made the House a place of assembly for men and a place of safety; and take ye the Station of Abraham as a place of prayer; and We covenanted with Abraham and Ismail, that they should sanctify My House for those who compass it round, or use it as a retreat, or bow, or prostrate themselves (therein in prayer). (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)

Ve iz cealnel beyte mesabetel lin nasi ve emna Remember We made the heart (Kaaba) a place of permanent safety and center for people.

The connection of this verse with the one above is obvious. When the speech reached Abraham, it’s only natural that the topic comes to Kaaba. Kaaba is the handiwork of Abraham. And Abraham; he’s the handiwork of the sufferings he endured. There’s a net of connections here. Pain and agony chiseled Abraham and Abraham gave life to Kaaba. That’s the nature of connections between these verses and the reason why the topic of Kaaba arrived in 125th verse. Ve iz cealnel beyte mesabetel lin nasi ve emna And Remember We made the Kaaba (a.k.a heart) a place of permanent safety and center for people.

Mesabetel means center. The word sevap (good deeds) comes from the same origin. The location where the hard earned payments are given. It’s the place where you get your earnings. For that it’s a center of good deeds of humanity. The fountain of earnings. Both physically and spiritually. It’s a center in that sense. The source of all things good.

What’s it the center of? The center of spiritual realm of course. Center of the true believers (ummet). Center of Islam and of course the center of unity. That’s why all unity-looking faces turn to that center. All cities take their light from that center. For that reason Mecca is the mother of all cities and Kaaba is the mother of all worshipping grounds and temples all over the world. Hejaz area (western region of Arabic peninsula) is the birthing place of all earth geograpy. Because the spiritual climate of earth takes its scent from there. Ground takes it’s light and purity from there. That’s the reason of pilgrimage. Because every single pilgrim takes a piece of that light into his soul. They all go to talk, shake and hug with the essence of Abraham and to make the same promise as he did once. Therefore the Kaaba is a center. The eternal center of spiritual climate.

And the grounds of safety. ve emna safe grounds. And it’s not just for humans, even animal are safe there. You cannot touch a bird’s life there. A bird of Kaaba is much more valuable than a sheep from your country. If you kill a bird in that holy ground your penalty is sacrificing a sheep. You cannot touch a single grasshopper there. The most expensive grasshoppers in the world reside there. If you touch one, you have to give some charity. You cannot touch a tree there. They’re all protected, all honorable. If you harm them by anyway, you should pay a fee. If you pluck a weed, an unwithered and useful weed in the sin zone, the honor zone; if you harm a weed in that area, there’s a penalty for you. Sometimes that penalty may reach a level of giving another sacrifice. So all grounds there are protected. Not just humans, wild beasts, wild nature, plants or so; even the dirt and stones there are protected. Natural protected zone. The first and the oldest natural protected zone of earth. Because Kaaba is a center of a calling for over 5000 years. It’s a place of safety. A sanctuary, to be exact. Caliph Omar once said; “Even the killer of my own father takes refuge in there, I cannot raise my hand to him.”

vettehizu mim mekami ibrahime musalla Take the station of Abraham as a praying and prostrating ground. This is the following sentence in this verse. “O True Believers, take the station of Abraham as a praying ground to you.” That may raise a question. Why, the station of Abraham?

Today lots of people wrongfully assume that the station of Abraham might be the rock piece which have two foot prints on it and supposedly Prophet Abraham had used it as a dock stone. Most people think that stone which is protected inside a glass container in Kaaba’s courtyard; is Abraham’s station. This assumption is false. The station of Abraham described in this verse is in fact the whole grounds around Kaaba. All area surrounding Kaaba is considered holy by the collective acceptance of Sahaba (Prophet Muhammad’s first community), by Tabiin and all great imams that followed them. So basically all grounds around Harem-i Sherif (or Pilgrimage Area as we know it) are considered as The Station of Abraham and by that theory; considered holy altogether.

At that point if we back the opinion of Ibn. Abbas, Cabir, Katade and Mucahid; what we should take as praying location, or in other words our Kibla; must be that direction. We may see this same idea in Razi’s tafsir for this verse. The reasoning behind the words “Take Abraham’s station as praying grounds.”, actually means “Turn your Kibla to Abraham’s Station.”

           Station of Abraham is there. The whole area. Just one stone cannot be considered or accepted as The Station of Abraham. This strong opinion is one of the oldest in Islam. From back then that area was always considered as the station. But according to a story, a real story we read in El-Musannef of Abdul Rezzak, we see the importance about it. At first times of Islam; that stone was stationed next to Kaaba. But Caliph Omar ordered to remove the stone from its location and stationed it back, far from the praying zone of Kaaba and Tawaf (Circumambulate). That act represents Omar’s sensitivity against shirq.

Strange though; nowadays most pilgrims step on each others just to make prays behind that stone. Just for a pray behind a single stone many pilgrims give their lives for nothing. What kind of oddity is that, really. People must be enlightened about this subject and they must be explained that the Station of Abraham is the whole ground around Kaaba as described in this verse. It must be understood rightfully.

Again the second sahabe which have the same opinion about the station of Abraham is in fact the whole ground around Kaaba is Cabir, following Ibn Abbas. But interestingly the worshipping behind the stone is based on a hadith in Cabir’s recordings. Supposedly the praying behind the stone is a sunnet. This idea comes from a hadith of Cabir’s. Same person who defends the idea of the location of the station is the whole area. According to the hadith we read from him, when our prophet finishes his tavaf, he was praying behind that stone. (Attention: Stone wasn’t removed from its location yet.) This hadith was also in Tirmizi.

There’s a similar hadith we might see in Muslim’s book. About every hadith collections have this hadith or similar ones. But when I put all of them in one spot, I saw that many pieces from around were gathered to compose a single hadith. And sometimes these speeches is too bended; the message, the meaning behind the hadith is altered completely.

Another topic reveals itself here; the meaning of “Musalla” in the sentence of “take the station of Abraham as musalla.” Musalla means praying ground. Spot of worshipping, center of praying. Taberi also points out that if this word comes with this exact scale in Arabic language; it usually shows us the meaning of pray, praying center. So if we take it as it’s supposed to be; then the station of Abraham is a station of praying. Understanding it as a spot of begging and praying to Allah should be a more accurate approach. Because we can see Abraham’s pray just a verse above. Some other verses that we will translate later, containts Abraham’s prays as well. So personally I find Ibn Abbas, Cabir, Katade and Mucahid’s point of view accurate and say that the station of Abraham is the name of whole grounds around Kaaba. The holy grounds we visit during pilgrimage. I also believe like Razi, this verse should be taken as an order and every muslim should point his kibla to that grounds for any praying or worshipping act.

ve ahidna ila ibrahime ve ismaiyle en tahhira veytiye lit taifine vel akifine ver rukkeis sucud We also took covenant with Abraham and Ismael that they should purify My House for those who tawaf it and use it as a sanctuary to build his inner world; for those who bow, pray of prostrate themselves in prays.

There’s a taifin expression here. Those who make tawaf. You know what tawaf is. Circling the Kaaba 7 times means tawaf (circumambulate). Tawaf starts from the stone names “Hacer-ul Eswet” and must be executed 7 times. This act actually represents joining the universal choir. This circling is a circle of love. This act is a statement of love. All action is an act of love. Just like a moths circle-flying a light. It turns.! It turns.! It turns.! At long last it cannot defeat the love for light within and throw itself into the light and then; a small sizzling sound. It’s gone. Just like that. Tawaf is becoming a moth and expressing the love for Allah by circling and circling until disappearing in pure light of love.

Number 7 represents eternity in arabic language. It’s a wordplay. And tawaf is like playing a role in universal choir by mimicing. Just like an electrons turns around the core of atom. Just like the moons turns around earth. Just like earths turns around sun and just like the solar systems turns around an unknown center of galaxy.

Every true believer who executes his tawaf says these in heart. “O Rabb! I now join the universal choir. I’m expressing my love to you and making my tawaf now, O Rabb! O Rabb, everything in microcosmos and macrocosmos; every little matter and every enormous object you created, from a single small atom to the solar system, follow the path you ordered for them. I come to you now and I’m at your disposal. And now I’m expressing my love to you and turning my circles in the orbit you lay down for me, O Rabb. With this tawaf, I’m signing my surrender to you.”

[Additional Info: Let’s talk about some discover-based incidents of vortex in these days. Believe if you will!

Vortex energy is the name of wavelengths created by The One holding everything together by manifesting knowledge packages under the name of universe.

All vortexes make rotations from right to left. Think tornados or whirlpools which are vortexes as well. This motion collects all surroundings to itself. From vast galaxies to mere atoms, everything are in motion of rotation. Pulling and protection forces are all manifest from counter-clockwise vortexes in various dimensions.

We should stay on an important secret that can only be gained by discovery about vortex. The light energy vortex surrounding the Kaaba, creates a feeling of ascend (turning to original essence) in peoples brains who execute their tawafs. They see Ehli Hakk (Essences supreme reality).

There are visible vortexes like tornados and whirlpools and there are also invisible ones too. First of many invisible vortexes that may concern us is “horizontal vortex” as I named it; vortexes that may swallow and lock humans consciousness. These horizontal vortexes manifest from humans collected energies and may grow up and become stronger regarding the size of the incident, but eventually manage to swallow human minds.

These horizontal vortexes become stronger by the broadcast in the same frequency with humans brains and with every mind it devour, the broadcast become more extent. What drives people to mass emotions and various frenzies are all for these “horizontal vortexes”. Even the TV series that may cause a level of addiction is an incident of horizontal vortex, since the mind always busy itself within the same topic. They are the menaces of brains. If you cannot save yourselves from daily incidents that reach you or the vortexes of tv; if you deplete your brains with repetitions; you are in great danger.

Without outer vortexes, it’s impossible to live, yet it’s highly possible not to be swallowed by them. You have the potential of MURID, the willpower adjective of Allah. THE DEFENSE MECHANISM AGAINST VORTEXES IS THE “ZIKR OF MURID”. “MURID” is the frequency of willpower adjective of Allah within brains truth. By reinforcing the willpower, it can develop a resistance against vortexes. All worshippings, prays and zikrs are suggested for defending yourselves against strifes and mischiefs by activating the Powers of brains truth.

The collective praying vortexes which are executed with original forms, not by imitations, may direct you to feel the truth within yourself; the social vortexes lockdown your minds. If an incident which you normally see, hear and pass; manages to suck you in; if you begin to turn around it all the time and it steals your all attention; think about it. This has the same reason for cult followers to exclude other cults and communities followers and label them with herecy and blasphemy.

Every unit, species and human has a vortex. Reveal of El-Esma comes by the form of vortexes, which also creates the power of pulls in units.

The creation of vortexes are dual. They can either be manifested from the energy/light by the feature of the name El-Mudill; or by the light of the name El-Hadi. The unit/energy/data revealed from units or brains, pull things with the same frequency to itself in the form of vortexes, direct to itself. The person, incident or topic you show interest, is in fact a vortex revealed as the form of an El-Esma Composition, it sucks you in. If your frequences match; there we have the concept of deity…

The vortex originated from El-Mudill is the strongest knowledge/energy/data based vortex that can limit the brain with outer concepts. El Hadi, however, pulls you to Allah!.

What else left? PULLING FORCE; GRAVITATION and the relation of units with the same type, entegrity of existence are all energy based Esma featured VORTEXES. “Energy vortexes” are the pulling centers of existence. The secret of many creations comes from energy vortexes and they have all different frequencies.
            Escaping to Allah with prays. “ESCAPE TO ALLAH” verse have the meaning of “From the outer vortexes, escape to the forces that points you to Allah’s Esmas, your brains absolute truth.

How happy is the one who comprehend the strong surrounding of the name El-Hadi, while every strong vortex pulls another consistently.

O Rabb, I seek refuge from the ones who don’t understand what they read or understand wrong. Can the one who spend his entire life by repetition of memory be the same with who constantly breaks the memorization, become open to new and rejuvenate himself? (Ahmed Hulusi)]

Akifine, akifin; actually the word itikaf (take refuge and journey to inner world, meditate) comes from there. After Rasulallah had completed the Hejira to Madina, he was drawing himself away for itikaf every year, the last 10 days of Ramadan. Itikaf means “Drawing yourself away from outer world to fix your inner world. It means making a journey to inner world. A hejira for a man to his inner feelings. All the endless meditations in Mount of Hira; turned into itikafs in Madina for Rasulallah, and this act becomes a legacy to the community as sunnet. That’s why Rabb of All Worlds say; “We covenanted with Abraham and Ismail, that they should sanctify My House.”

126 – Ve iz kale ibrahimu rabbic’al haza beleden aminev verzuk ehlehu mines semerati min amene minhum billahi vel yevmil ahir* kale ve men kefera fe umettiuhu kalilen summe adtarruhu ila azabin nar* ve bi’sel mesiyr

And Abraham had said, “My Rabb, make this a secure place and provide its people, whoever of them believes in Allah (as comprising their innermost essential reality) and the life of the hereafter, with the fruits of their deeds” (His Rabb) said, “I will still grant provision to he who denies the reality for a little (in this worldly life); then I will subject him to the fire (suffering).” How wretched is this confrontation with the truth! (A.Hulusi)

And remember Abraham said: “My Lord, make this a City of Peace, and feed its people with fruits,-such of them as believe in Allah and the Last Day.” He said: “(Yea), and such as reject Faith,-for a while will I grant them their pleasure, but will soon drive them to the torment of Fire,- an evil destination (indeed)!” (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)

Ve iz kale ibrahim And remember Abraham once said, rabbic’al haza beleden aminev verzuk ehlehu mines semerati min amene minhum billahi vel yevmil ahir O Rabb, make this ground safe and provide the people of this soil with deep and limitless fruits; people who believe in Allah and Judgement Day. mines semerati Provide them with countless fruits. min amene minhum billahi But my pray is only for those who believe in Allah and afterlife. Provide the people who believe you and the life after earth with countless blessings, O Rabb. That was his pray.

Why? To understand the reason behind this; you should see Mecca. No weeds on its mountains, no available soil for livestocks or agriculture, only black lava rockbed. So if you know this geograpy, then you may understand the depth of this pray for people who live in that area. And especially the person who said this pray was the same person who was tested to leave his beloved Ishmael, son who joined with him after years and the mother of Ishmael, Hagar; in this no weed, no bird, no nothing mountain. If you remember this, then you remember the reason behind this pray too.

This pray was so deep from heart, so intense; you may see even today that the happiest beggars on earth are there. A missing arm may get you a bigger profit then a factory over here. An amputated leg, a crippled foot, a missing hand in Kaaba, in Mecca may get a bigger profit then a business owner from somewhere around the world.

Why? I believe it has something to do with the Prophet Abraham’s pray. The people of that plantless mountains, soilless grounds, live in such plentitude under the affect of Abraham’s pray, you should see it with your own eyes. Because those grounds now hold the greatest tourism income on earth and the oldest one in that matter. With no sea to swim in, no forest to walk within, no river, no natural beauty. Nothing. Do you know any other places like this? If you have a lifetime of 1000 years and money to travel for 1000 years, if you list your destinations one by one; would you be able to see Mecca on that list, without its Kaaba? No way.

So, by thinking that, you may understand the pray. But this pray was an incomplete one. Incomplete by its execution and mentality. Allah showed the missing parts to Abraham with these words;

kale ve men kefera Allah said; “No, I will give to those who reject Faith as well. I don’t just give sustenance to believers of Allah and Judgement Day, I’m Rezzak of All Worlds. Not just true believers, I also provide for rejecters of faith. So it’s not adequate for you to limit like this, O Abraham. No, not enough. I will give sustenance for non-believers too, I’m giving them even now. They will cherish the little blessings I provide to them, they will have their pleasures. summe adtarruhu ila azabin nar And then? Then I will push them to the torment of fire. ve bi’sel mesiyr What an evil destination, is that place!

127 – Ve iz yerfeu ibrahimul kavaide minel beyti ve ismaiyl* rabbena tekabbel minna* inneke entes semiul alim

And when Abraham was raising the main walls of the House (Kaaba – heart – the 7th state [heaven] of consciousness) with Ishmael (saying), “Our Rabb, accept (this) from us. Indeed You are (as the essence of existence) the Perceiving the Aleem.” (A.Hulusi)

And remember Abraham and Ismail raised the foundations of the House (with this prayer): “Our Lord! Accept (this service) from us: For Thou art the All-Hearing, the All-Knowing.” (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)

Ve iz yerfeu ibrahimul kavaide minel beyti ve ismaiyl And remember again. Remember, O first and modern readers of these verses. First addressed group is Muhammad and those who followed him back then. Modern addressed group is the ones who live in this era and reading this right now. Remember. yerfeu ibrahimul kavaide Abraham was raising the foundations of minel beyti home, the foundations of Kaaba with Ismael. And after finishing the foundations, building Kaaba; they said;

rabbena tekabbel minna O our Rabb, Accept this from us. They didn’t get cocky. They didn’t become arrogant. They didn’t say; “We built it. You accept it or not.”, They gave that masjit which they built in that extremely hot weather as a gift. They gifted the mother of all masjits on the world and on top of that they raised their hands and asked “Will you accept this gift from us, O Allah?” This is the attitude of making something in the name of Allah. The ethics and attitudes of worshipping have been taught us, in the personalities of Abraham and Ismael. You will do it and after that you will humbly ask Allah to accept it. Remember the woman of Imran’s attitude in the verses Ali-Imran 35-36;

[Behold! a wife of Imran said: “O my Lord! I do dedicate into Thee what is in my womb for Thy special service: So accept this of me: For Thou hearest and knowest all things.” (35)
When she was delivered, she said: “O my Lord! Behold! I am delivered of a female child!”- and Allah knew best what she brought forth- “And no wise is the male like the female. I have named her Mary, and I commend her and her offspring to Thy protection from Satan, the Rejected.” (36) (Abdullah Yusuf Ali) ]

She dedicated the unborn child in her womb to Allah and said with the exact words, “Accept this of me, my Allah. Accept this from me, my Allah.”

So Abraham and Ismael were saying the same thing. Because people who know Allah and behave accordingly, who is aware of Allah limitless and eternal existence can only be able to humbly bow down and ask from Allah to accept their gifts. They might only say; “O Rabb, I present this to you but if you don’t accept this, it won’t worth anything.”

inneke entes semiul alim “Because you hear with all depths. You hear our intentions, the intentions we don’t speak of from all the way within our hearts and with that you are the All-Knowing of why we build this Kaaba.”

[Additional Info: Story of Kaaba Construction

When Abraham’s first wife Sara’s compassionate rivalry had reached a climax; Abraham took his wife Hagar and their first born son Ismael from Palastine to Mecca. Left them near a big tree close to the spot where Zemzem well will arise later.

           That day, the city of Mecca wasn’t builded. Abraham left the mother and the son with a sack of date fruit and a flask of water. He told them that he had to leave them here because of Allah’s orders. When Hagar learnt that Abraham was doing this by Allah’s order, she put her faith to Allah.
After Abraham left them there, he climbed over a hill and asked Allah to cherish his bloodline he left here, fed them with many sustenance and attract people to this location.

            When the food and water of Hagar and Ismael had depleted she began to run between the hills of Safa and Merve. She climbed Safa, looked around, saw no one. Climbed Merve, looked around again, cannot find anyone there too. She came back and forth between these two hills seven times. This action has become a tradition for pilgrims.

            During the seventh climb to Merve, Hagar hearded a voice. When she searched the origin, she saw an angel digging the ground with his feet or wing (some also say it was Ismael digging). The spot angel dug, water came forth. Hagar then, started to build a pool to keep the water from flowing out and disappear. Our prophet Muhammad said; “Allah bless Ismael’s mother, if she hadn’t done a pool, Zemzem become a rivulet by now.

            Abraham visited them from time to time. Asked about the conditions of Hagar and their sons. One of these visits, he saw his grown son carving an arrow under a tree near Zemzem well. They completed the arrow together. He then said to his son; “Ismael, Allah Allmighty asked me to build a house there, will you help me?”, pointed a higher ground. Ismael replied; “If your Rabb ordered you to, then do it. I’ll help you.” So, Abraham and his son Ismael started to build the Kaaba. Ismael was bringing the stones and Abraham was doing the construction. When the foundations completed they put the specific stone we know today as the “Station of Abraham.”

            Abraham stood on it. They began to build the walls when Ismael was bringing the stones and Abraham was putting them higher by using the station as a scaffolding. While they were doing it, they were also praying; “O our Rabb, accept this from us. You are All-Hearing, All-Knowing…” (Prof Dr. Suleyman Ates/Qur’an’s modern tafsir)]

            128 – Rabbena vec’alna muslimeyni leke ve min zurriyyetina ummetem muslimetel leke ve erina menasikena ve tub aleyna* inneke entet tevvabur rahiym.

Our Rabb, enable us to be in submission to You and from our descendants form a nation in submission to You. And show us our rites (of the application of Hajj – pilgrimage) and accept our repentance. Indeed, You are the Tawwab (Accepting of Repentance), the Rahim (who enables the experience of its beauties). (A.Hulusi)

Our Lord! make of us Muslims, bowing to Thy (Will), and of our progeny a people Muslim, bowing to Thy (Will); and show us our place for the celebration of (due) rites; and turn unto us (in Mercy); for Thou art the Oft-Relenting, Most Merciful. (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)

Rabbena vec’alna muslimeyni leke ve min zurriyyetina ummetem muslimetel leke Pray continues. Abraham and Ismael’s prays. O our great Rabb. Make us bowing only to your will unconditionally, completely.

O, beautiful people, didn’t you surrender already? He who didn’t surrender could jump into fire?He who didn’t surrender could lay his son down and prepare him for a sacrifice to Allah? He who didn’t surrender could be so content while being sacrificed for Allah? At a young age. But even after that; they opened their hands and said; “Make us surrendered only to you, unconditionally and completely.

They teach us humility. They teach us ethics. They teach us what should we want and how should we want from Allah, how to pray.

ve min zurriyyetina ummetem muslimetel leke And again Abraham shows us how a great and compassionate father, he is. Hence the meaning of Abraham name; Ebun Rahiymun; in aramic, arabic and hebrew all in the family of Sami languages. And in all three origin, the name has the same meaning. Compassionate father. Abraham..! He shows here once again how a great ancestor he was as a merciful father like his name. Even in this pray, he didn’t forget his future bloodline and descendants.

And he says; “Don’t let only us among those who surrender to you completely, ve min zurriyyetina ummetem muslimetel lek Create and bring here people from my bloodline who will bow down and surrender to you unconditionally too. That’s how you take the title “Great Father.” That’s the meaning of being Abraham. Ebun Rahiymun, compassionate father. ve erina menasikena ve tub aleyna And show us, o Allah; how to be a worshipper to you.

This is an important thing indeed; asking, praying Allah for worshipping. Really! Have you ever done that? Have you ever thought what a blessing of Allah, praying and worshipping is? Actually think like this. If Allah hadn’t given us the prays and worshippings, could people find it by just with thinkings? Could we be able to find such a praying behaviour for worshipping Allah? If this choice was given to humans, wouldn’t there be a number of praying types for every single person on earth? What would be the unification of religion then? Because as you know one of the greatest functions of religion is to unite people.

So prays are the biggest blessings. We should thank Allah just for letting us pray; O Rabb, thank you for giving us prays. O Rabb, thank you giving us Oruc (fasting), Hacc, Zekah (Alms). A true believer should say to Allah, “Thank you for ordering them to us.”

They ask for worshipping. They ask Allah how to approach Allah. And after that they say this sentence as a crown to their prays. ve tub aleyna And forgive us. The crown of prays is, asking forgiveness from Allah.

You might say; “Were they in some crime, so they asked for forgiveness?” I ask you then; “What exactly do you think a crime is?” If you don’t have the knowledge that every breath you take oblivious to Allah is actually a crime; then the meaning you give the word “crime” might change, according to your familiarity with Allah. For some, breaking an order of Allah is considered as a crime. But if you are close with Allah, then the meaning of crime becomes the condition of rudeness to Allah. And if you reach a level of intimite friendship with Allah, if you become real close like the Abraham, then forgetting Allah even for a second is considered as a crime. So as you can see, the concept of crime changes with your intimacy with Allah.

inneke entet tevvabur rahiym For indeed you are an Oftenly Relenting and Most Merciful Allah.

129 – Rabbena veb’as fihim rasulem minhum yetlu aleyhim ayatike ve yuallimuhumul kitabe vel hikmete ve yuzekkihim* inneke entel azizul hakim.

Our Rabb, disclose a Rasul (establish a form that manifests a configuration of Names to reveal the reality) within them, who will teach and make them recite Your verses (the manifestations of your Names in the realms of existence) and give them knowledge (the Book) and the system of manifestation (wisdom) and purify them. Indeed, You are the Aziz (the Exalted in Might), the Hakim (the Wise). (A.Hulusi)

“Our Lord! send amongst them a Messenger of their own, who shall rehearse Thy Signs to them and instruct them in scripture and wisdom, and sanctify them: For Thou art the Exalted in Might, the Wise.” (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)

Rabbena veb’as fihim rasulem minhum The pray continues. O our Rabb! Send amongst them a prophet for them. Send a Messenger. yetlu aleyhim ayatik who shall recite your verses to them. ve yuallimuhumul kitabe vel hikme who shall teach them the book and the wisdom. ve yuzekkihim and with that, sanctify them, purify them; this prophet you will send. inneke entel azizul hakim. Without a doubt, you are perfect on what you do. You are Aziz; Exalted in Might.This is the meaning of El-Aziz. The one who always prevail on everything, every task He does with perfection. And Hakim, and He does that spot on so that the task has a weight and importance. Hakim, The Wise.

We know the fruit of this pray. Prophet Muhammad Mustapha (p.b.u.h). He is the fruit of this pray. And he showed his faithful attitude by saying; “I’m the answer, the Nebi; to my ancestor Abraham’s pray, to my brother Jesus’s good news and to my mothers informs.”

Hz. Prophet knew that he was the product of his ancestor Abraham’s pray. He informed us, so that we should also know and thank Abraham for praying the arrival of Rasulallah. And for that we read our salavats (hailing chants) in our every prays.

Allahumme salli ala seyyidina Muhammedin ve ala ali Muhammed. Kema salleyte ala Ibrahime ve ala ali Ibrahim. Inneke hamidun mecid.

” O my Allah! Send grace and honor to the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s.) and to the members of the family of Muhammad (s.a.s.) as You have granted grace and honor to the prophet Abraham (a.s.) and to the members of the family of Abraham (a.s.). Surely You ara All Praisewworthy, All Glorius”

As you can see, Abraham is always in our prays. Why? Because he is the father of Unity. Because our prophet Muhammad is the product of his prays. That’s why.

Actually in this verse, we might also see the duties of prophets. What are the duties of prophets, if you ask;

1 – Delivering and reading Allah’s verses sent for people without corrupting or changing them. Not just written verses of Allah, interpretting and reading the verses of universe correctly which is set by Allah as well. Also the right interpretation and right reading the verses of Allah in humans is a must for prophets.

2 – Second task of prophets; ve yuallimuhumul kitabe vel hikme Teaching the book and the wisdom. Not just reading, as you can see. Teaching. And the fundamental reason of teaching is reflecting the knowledge into life.

Book and wisdom must be delivered together. Why? Because book is the theoretical source of the truth and wisdom is the judgemental skill to put these theoretical source of truth into the practical aspects of life. For that Qur’an uses these two concepts of book and wisdom together in many verses. Because if you lack the ability of turning and putting the celestial knowledges, holy orders and commands given to you from the theoretical source of truth into lifes practical uses; then the book may not be the source of cure most of the time.

Qur’an says for itself, “It only increase the frustration of evil-doers. And a cure for true believers.” So in that sense, if Qur’an is wanted to be cure to societies and healing to individuals, then the ability of judgement; meaning wisdom is an absolute must to transfer the theoretical source of truth into lifes practical aspects.

3 – Purify. ve yuzekkihim Clean you, purify you. Why? The task of prophet is to clean you from your ancestors residues, filth, shirk, every blasphemic thoughts, every infidelic feelings and every evil traditions. Purifying you from evil imitations. Sanctifying you from evil ethics of all kind. Cleaning the filth that resides in your minds and hearts. These are the tasks of prophets.

130 – Ve mey yergabu ammileti ibrahime illa men sefihe nefseh* ve le kadistafeynahu fid dunya* ve innehu fil ahirati le minas salihiyn

And who will turn away from the people of Abraham (those who believe in the/their reality) except the foolish who are ignorant of the qualities of the Names that compose their essence? Indeed, We have chosen Him in this world and purified him. In the eternal life to come he will be among those that live the results of having attained their reality. (A.Hulusi)

And who turns away from the religion of Abraham but such as debase their souls with folly? Him We chose and rendered pure in this world: And he will be in the Hereafter in the ranks of the Righteous. (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)

Ve mey yergabu ammileti ibrahime illa men sefihe nefseh Who turns away from the people of Abraham, illa men sefihe nefseh except who are ignorant to themselves? In other words, this verse is saying; No one turns away from the community of Abraham, except those who haven’t got any idea about their essences.

Millet-i Ibrahim, Abraham’s people. As in religious system. Millet is the name of all people who believe the same religion. And for that, it also gives the name to its system of belief. Translating the word millet as a belief system, would be more accurate.

So at this point, if you ask, who is the millet of Abraham; what are the features of Abraham’s belief system; the answer is this. The feature of Abraham’s belief sytem is Islam; the same system Muhammad explained. Because as you know, Islam isn’t a firstly arrived belief system when Rasulallah explained. No, Islam is the name of all constant values of humanity that was brought forth with every single prophets, arrived before Rasulallah.

So here, Qur’an asks; “Who turns away from Abraham’s belief system which includes all constant values of humanity; who; except those completely oblivious to themselves. Then it’s obvious to assume that whoever turns away from Abraham’s belief system and begin searching a new belief and life system, becomes an ignorant, purposeless wanderer.

ve le kadistafeynahu fid dunya We chose him on earth. We sanctified him, purified him on earth. ve innehu fil ahirati le minas salihiyn Without a doubt, he will also be amongst save in afterlife as well; Abraham.

131 – Iz kale lehu rabbuhu eslim kale eslemtu li rabbil alemin

When his Rabb said to him “Submit”, he said “I have submitted to the Rabb of the worlds” (Abraham had been made aware of his submission to the Rabb of the worlds). (A.Hulusi)

Behold! his Lord said to him: “Submit (thy will to Me):” He said: “I submit (my will) to the Lord and Cherisher of the Universe.” (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)

Iz kale lehu rabbuhu eslim Why did we pick him? About that. istafeynahu We chose him. Mustapha means this. The original meaning of Mustapha is “The Chosen”. Refined, purified and chosen. Every prophet is a Mustapha. A chosen one.So if you ask why Abraham is amongst the chosen ones, the verse 131 gives us the answer of that. Iz kale lehu rabbuhu Remember his Rabb said to him, eslim “O Abraham; Submit”, submit unconditionally. Kale And he answered; eslemtu li rabbil alemin I submit unconditionally to the Rabb of all worlds.

This is where Islam comes from. The source name of Islam is submission. Aliya Izzetbegovich one of the greatest thinkers and pioneers of this age about reading Islam as it should be, said this in his famous study; “O Islam, your name is submission.” Yes submission. You cannot be Islam without submitting yourselves and Abraham became Islam the day he submit.

Of course this “We said to Abraham” and “Abraham said back” expressions can be taken metaphorically. As in, it wasn’t necessary to be asked to Abraham for his submission. Because life itself, every creation Allah made whisper constantly to people that submission to Allah is the key for salvation.

So it’s safe to think that Abraham’s submission to Allah is not a verbal promise. You don’t surrender just by saying “I submit.” Just like you cannot be a muslim, just by saying “I become a muslim.” There are conditions for submission. Submission is about showing proof. You cannot submit only with words. Abraham showed his ironclad proofs by jumping into fire and ordered to sacrifice his own son to Allah and many more.

So there are proofs even to be able to say “I become muslim.” A claim of submission without proof cannot be accepted more than a mere conjecture. Otherwise what would be the wisdom behind these incidents happened 4000 years ago, be immortalized by Allah right here?

Naturally by using Abraham’s life as an origin, these verses are trying to explain somethings to us directly. They want to remind us things. How do you percieve these verses when you take their meanings to your lives, when you realize you are the ones who should read them, when you ask yourselves; “What do these verses trying to tell us?” What do you think these verses calling you to? What do they want to give you? Without a doubt; “O you who counts himself amongst muslims, take lessons from Abraham’s submission. If you have claims that you are indeed a muslim, then prove your submission to Allah. Submit to Allah unconditionally and completely, so that you may be chosen for Abraham’s army as well.

132 – Ve vassa biha ibrahimu benihi ve ya’kub* ya beniyye innellahestafa lekumud dine fe la temutunne illa ve entum muslimun.

And Abraham (in line with this truth) bequeathed his sons, just like Jacob (who said), “O my sons, indeed Allah has chosen for you this religion (comprehension of the system), so do not die without the awareness of your submission to Allah” (Muslim means one who has reached the awareness of his absolute and definite submission to Allah). (A.Hulusi)

And this was the legacy that Abraham left to his sons, and so did Jacob; “Oh my sons! Allah hath chosen the Faith for you; then die not except in the state of submission.” (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)

Ve vassa biha ibrahim And that Abraham bequeathed that faith, the “ha” within the word “biha”, goes for community in the name of Allah of all worlds. So; Abraham left this belief system as a legacy benihi, to his sons and grandsons. ve ya’kub And Jacob did the exact same thing.

What’s the reason of Jacob’s name come up right here and now? The reason is this. The first addressed community with these verses are the Society of Jews in Madina, who gave a reason for their disbelief to Rasulallah with these words.

“Prophethood is our legacy by blood. Because Allah promised Ismael and Isaac. Prophets will arrive from the sons of Israel. So we don’t believe you because all prophets must carry the blood of Jews and you are not one of us.”

             To refute their reasonings, Qur’an reminds us that Jacob had a pray, just like Abraham’s pray and will. And Qur’an brings that pray to table. That’s why Jacob’s name comes up in this verse.

What did Abraham say to his kids? ya beniyye o my children innellahestafa lekumud dine Allah chose the purest and cleanest belief to be your religion. fe la temutunne illa ve entum muslimun So don’t let death takes you before presenting your submission to Allah. Prove your submission to Allah before death comes and knocks your doors.

133 – Em kuntum shuhedae iz hadara ya’kubel mevtu iz kale li benihi ma ta’budune mim ba’di * kalu na’budu ilaheke ve ilahe abaike ibrahime ve ismaiyle ve ishaka ilahev vahida* ve nahnu lehu muslimun.

Or were you witnesses when death approached Jacob? When he said to his sons, “To what will you be in servitude after me?” They said, “We are going to continue our servitude to your God and the God of your fathers, Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac – the One and Only (the totality of the Names comprising existence) for we are aware of our submission to Him.” (A.Hulusi)

Were ye witnesses when death appeared before Jacob? Behold, he said to his sons: “What will ye worship after me?” They said: “We shall worship Thy God and the God of thy fathers, of Abraham, Ismail and Isaac,- the One (True) God. To Him do we submit (in Islám).” (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)

Em kuntum shuhedae iz hadara ya’kubel mevt Or were you among those who witness the death appeared before Jacob; o sons of Israel who became a jewminded community and refuse the prophethood of Muhammad? Em kuntum shuhedae iz hadara ya’kubel mevt were you witness when death approached Jacob, were you amongst those witnesses, iz kale li benihi ma ta’budune mim ba’di He asked to his children, “To whom will you worship and pray after me, to whom will you serve?” Were you amongst witnesses when Jacob passed that will?

Yet this incident is present even in Tora and they were reading it. They knew it. Kalu they replied (Jacob’s childen), na’budu ilaheke ve ilahe abaike ibrahime ve ismaiyle ve ishaka ilahev vahida “We shall worship your Rabb and the Rabb of your fathers, of Abraham, Ismael and Isaac,- the One (True) Allah.” They promised. ve nahnu lehu muslimun “for we are giving our submission to Him.” They gave their promises to Jacob the Prophet like that.

You who are the grandchildren of prophet Jacob. Israel is the nickname of Jacob. You jews who are the grandchildren of prophet Jacob; your fathers, first ancestors gave their promises to their fathers for following the road of Abraham. And Muhammad is the fruit of Abraham’s prays. So why are you denying him now? Why aren’t you holding your promises you gave to your fathers? Your first ancestors said to their father Jacob; “”We shall worship your Rabb and the Rabb of your fathers, of Abraham, Ismael and Isaac,- the One (True) Allah.” Muhammad follows the path of Abraham, he is the product of Abraham’s prays, Ismael’s prays and you even read the same things in your book, Tora.

The Deuteronomy Book in Tora; Ismael’s pray and Allah’s will is there. I will present my fruition to you. This is the reply of Allah. And interesting enough, even Jews read this in their Toras, they still resist to Rasulallah. And their only reason is; “He’s not one of us.” Yes.

134 – Tilke ummetun kad halet* leha ma kesebet ve lekum ma kesebtum* ve la tus’elune amma kanu ya’melun

That was a community that has passed on. To them is what they earned, and to you is what you earn. And you will not be called to account about their deeds. (A.Hulusi)

That was a people that hath passed away. They shall reap the fruit of what they did, and ye of what ye do! Ye shall not be asked about what they did. (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)

Tilke ummetun kad halet I want you to pay attention to this verse in order to deny the infamous jewish logic. Tilke ummetun kad halet You brag about your fathers, O Jews. O sons of Israel who became Jewminded. This verse is not just about you, it includes blasphemers as well. The first infidels were also bragging with the prophet Abraham. They were saying, “We are the grand children of Abraham and Ismael. They were not amongst the true believers and yet they were bragging with their ancestor prophets. Jews were in that boat too. They were also bragging with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and many other prophets. “They were our ancestors.” It almost like saying, “My father is a minister.”

This is a Jewish logic. My father is a holy man, my grand father is something else. This type of bragging was what Jews were doing. And for all of them Qur’an says; Tilke ummetun kad halet Now those people passed away, gone, they don’t exist anymore. leha ma kesebet ve lekum ma kesebtum To them is what they earned, and to you is what you earn. Gazali says; “Why are you bragging with your fathers? Can a fathers meal, fill a sons stomach? The water father drank doesn’t quench the thirst of son. So why are you bragging about your fathers? What they earn is for them, and what you earn is for you. ve la tus’elune amma kanu ya’melun You won’t be hold responsible for what they had done.

This last sentence is almost like a rejection for Christianisms, “First Sin” ideology. They were doing the exactly the opposite of Jews were doing. They were in shame with their fathers. They thought they have been punished as the children of the prophet Adam for what he had done. They were holding on to the baptism tradition for that reason. And their claims reached to Jesus’s allegedly crucifixion and giving his life. With this claim they were able to say, “Jesus cleansed all humanities first sin burden by giving his life like that.” Now think; first ancestor of humanity, Adam’s sin. The responsibility of this sin was collected from a sinless child from many many generations after.

So this last section of this verse is like an objection for that; ve la tus’elune amma kanu ya’melun You won’t be hold responsible for their own doings.

[Additional Info: Don’t be imitators! Don’t just dwell on imitations in your religions. Because you cannot trust transfers. For one person, there’s nothing else than the knowledge, action, belief and lifestyle that he earned. No one can be punished for someone elses beliefs and actions. Be the person who can see clearly. Try to reach an absolute belief and arrange your action based on that certain belief.(Ibn. Arabi-Tevilat)]

135 – Ve kalu kunu huden ev nesara tehtedu* kul bel millete ibrahime hanifa* ve ma kane minel mushrikin.

They say, “Be Jews or Christians so that you will be rightly guided.” Say, “Rather, we follow the Hanif people of Abraham (we share the same faith, without the concept of a deity-god, with the consciousness of non-duality), for he was not of the dualists.” (A.Hulusi)

They say: “Become Jews or Christians if ye would be guided (to salvation).” Say thou: “Nay! (I would rather) the Religion of Abraham the True, and he joined not gods with Allah.” (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)

Ve kalu kunu huden ev nesara tehtedu On top of that, they say; “Become Jews or become Christians (in mind) so thay you would find salvation.” This is their claims. Very interesting I might add. Pay attention that I translated like “become jews and christians in mind”. Most of the Qur’an translations you read; it says, “be jews and christians” or “convert to them”.

I don’t think that would be an accurate translation. Because they don’t call you to show your beliefs for Moses or Jesus. They don’t call you to Tora or Bible. Because you cannot be counted as muslim without believing Moses, Jesus, Tora and Bible first. So what do they call you to? To deviation. To be scattered away from Moses and Tora to become Jewminded or away from Jesus and Bible to become a part of some empty Christianic mentality. Moses and Jesus were prophets of Islam, Tora and Bible are also the books of Islam. Because of that, I translated their calls as “become jews and christians in mind.”

They call to become jewminded. But muslims should call them back; not to become a part of Muhammad’s community, muslims should call them to Abraham. This verse teaches us that fact. Don’t call them to be Muhammadi, call them to be Abrahami. Call them to unity, call them to source. Don’t say “Come to us.”, say “Come to yourselves.” Come to yourselves, as in go back to your original beliefs. To the original Jesus and original Bible. Not to a Jesus you proclaimed as a god or to a Bible which was corrupted. Turn to Moses, a real genuine Islam prophet Moses, not some mythic, national leader Moses and not to a Tora you changed with your own hands.

So Muhammad was calling humanity to the source they possess. To Islam and submission to Allah completely. kul bel millete ibrahime hanifa Tell them, answer them; on the contrary, we are calling you to Abraham, he who was amongst those who find true beliefs. ve ma kane minel mushrikin. Not one of the blasphemers.

The answer here for their call, is interesting. The word “hanif” came up. Hanifa in dictionary, hanif means who turns right from wrong, truth from superstitions. Abraham was firstly in superstitions then he found the Hakk. For that hanif means who reach the rights from wrongs. The reasoning for Abraham’s hanif beliefs is because of the tecdid. It means sorting out. For that all prophets are muceddit. Sorters.

No prophet had a claim of bringing something new. They always invited people to unwithered values. Prophets hadn’t brought new and interesting things, they brought back the early-known and constant values that humans are very familiar with.

For that reason prophets didn’t invite by saying, “This starts with me.” They always said, “I invite you to the road of prophets who were there before me.” Prophet Jesus’s message is written in the first chapter of Bibles. “I’m not saying I bring you a new message. I came to rejuvenate the message of Moses who came before me.” says The Prophet Jesus.

Yes, therefore every prophet starts to tell the message with confirming the prophets before his time. This is the first feature of prophets. And the call here, is to the eternal constant values of universe.

136 – Kulu amenna billahi ve ma unzile ileyna ve ma unzile ila ibrahime ve ismaiyle ve ishaka ve ya’kube vel esbati ve ma utiye musa ve iysa ve ma utiyen nebiyyune mir rabbihim* la nuferriku beyne ehadim minhum ve nahnu lehu muslimun

Say, “We have believed in Allah (the innermost essential reality of all things) and what has been revealed to us and what has been revealed to Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and his descendants; and what was given to Moses and Jesus; and what was given to the Nabis from their Rabb. In this sense, we make no distinction between any of them. We are of those that are in submission to Him!” (A.Hulusi)

Say ye: “We believe in Allah, and the revelation given to us, and to Abraham, Ismail, Isaac, Jacob, and the Tribes, and that given to Moses and Jesus, and that given to (all) prophets from their Lord: We make no difference between one and another of them: And we submit to Allah (in Islám).” (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)

Kulu amenna billahi ve ma unzile ileyna To those who invite you to blindness, answer like this. Say; amenna billahi ve ma unzile ileyna We put out faiths to Allah and to those which was brought down for us. By putting our faiths to Allah and the message Allah sent, we also put our faiths to these: ve ma unzile ila ibrahime to what was given to Abraham, ismaiyle and Ismael, ve ishaka and Isaac, the first ancestor of the sons of Israel who came from the bloodline of Abraham. ve ya’kube, and Jacob, your great ancestor, great Jacob whose nickname was Israel. We put our faiths to those messages brought down by them.

vel esbati ve ma utiye musa ve iysa We put our faiths to the messages they brought and their grandchildrens and bloodlines messages. We put our imans to Moses and Jesus’s messages. ve ma utiyen nebiyyune mir rabbihim we put our faiths to all prophets and all messages given to them by Rabb. la nuferriku beyne ehadim minhum We don’t seperate a single one of them for any reasons. ve nahnu lehu muslimun We are the ones who completely show our submissions to Allah.

Yes, that’s Qur’an’s suggestion for us. “O Muslims, to be a real muslim, you should say these to those who wants to turn you to become Jews and Christians. “We’ve already shown our faiths to your prophets and your books, have you shown your to ours?” Ask them and say these; “We are not calling you to us. We are calling you to eternal truth. So come and stop calling us to deviation. Let’s all submit to Allah. Let’s all surrender to the constant values of humanity.” This is the given message in this verse.

137 – Fe in amenu bi misli ma amentum bihi fe kadihtedev* ve in tevellev fe innema hum fi shikak* fe seyekfikehumullah* ve huves semiul alim.

So if they believe in Him in the same way as you believe in Him, then they will have found the path to the reality. But if they turn away, they will be left as fragmented and narrow minded. Allah will be sufficient for you against them. And HU is the Sami and the Aleem. (A.Hulusi)

So if they believe as ye believe, they are indeed on the right path; but if they turn back, it is they who are in schism; but Allah will suffice thee as against them, and He is the All- Hearing, the All-Knowing. (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)

             Fe in amenu bi misli ma amentum bihi fe kadihtedev If they believe as you believe, then they find the true path.

             Interesting, as you believe..! With all those issues, problem is not just a lack of belief, my friends; there’s a second problem. Corrupting the beliefs they hold dear and then believing those corrupted beliefs; that’s the second problem. Let’s assume that they now believe what we believe; with that logic, without handling this second problem, their belief don’t get them to the right path. Believing by corrupting them. No, not the right path. That’s why the phrase is “as you believe”, not “like you believe.”

Let’s apply this fact to us, muslims. First; do you believe all the things you should believe? The answer yes, is not solely enough. Do you believe as you should believe, as you supposed to believe? Or you just corrupt the knowledge, change its essence and then you believe your products?

This second problem is a tough one for the muslims living in this age. And the sole reason why muslims today are on the verge of becoming jewminded. They might not believe incomplete like they do, but most of the time they change and corrupt the very nature of what they should believe. They don’t follow the path to Allah as they should.

They have Allah beliefs, but broken. Like they don’t trust Allah completely. They don’t put their faiths on prophet as they should.

They do have faiths to prophet. But the prophet doesn’t have a leading role in their lives. Just a background figure. They almost violate the contract after a point.

They don’t believe afterlife as they supposed to believe. There’s a belief for another world, another life. They do believe another form of resurrection after tasting death. But this fact doesn’t make a reflection to their lives. They live like those who don’t have faith to afterlife. So tell me; what’s the difference of faith between a believer to afterlife and a non-believer; if their actions have no difference whatsoever? That’s the problem. Moving on.

ve in tevellev fe innema hum fi shikak If they turn their faces away, if they avoid them fe innema hum fi shikak they are the ones who are seperated and narrow minded. They are amongst those who left the path because of their seperating actions. Their actions scatter them away from the true path. The Nebi of Allah, The prophet Muhammad called them to Abraham. But instead they called muslims to become jewminded. Islam called them to themselves, to their origins. To the uncorrupted message of Jesus, untouched message of Moses, unchanged message of Tora and Bible. They didn’t even behave correctly to their own beliefs.

fe seyekfikehumullah If after all these, they still do seperation, know that Allah is enough for you. Allah will suffice for you. As in; don’t you turn and look back again. Don’t you feel upset by thinking “Why won’t they become muslims?” Allah will suffice. ve huves semiul alim Allah is All-Hearing and All-Knowing and Allah knows and hears what you hold deep within your hearts.

138 – Sibgatellah* ve men ahsenu minellahi sibgatev ve nahnu lehu abidun.

The hue of Allah! And what can be better than being colored with the hue of Allah? We are of those who are in servitude to Him! (A.Hulusi)

(Our religion) takes its hue from Allah. And who can give a better hue than Allah. And it is He Whom we worship. (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)

Sibgatellah The hue, the colour of Allah, the colour Allah gives, ve men ahsenu minellahi sibgatev Who can give a better colour than Allah?

Look at this expression. Look at the literal depth of this expression. ve nahnu lehu abidun Only Allah, we are of those who are in survitude to Allah.

Allah’s colour. What is Allah’s colour? The hue of Allah, the origin of all hues, Allah’s colour. The paint of fitrat. Natural colours. Just like the colour of leaves, skies, roses, lilies and sun. Natural colour. So what are the hues besides Allah’s colours; synthetic hues. Not natural, artificial paint. Prophets hadn’t come to brush a new paint to people, they had come to brush out the artificial colours that men used on themselves. The artificial colours of superstitions and material beliefs. Because when you scrape off humans upper layer colours, Allah’s colour reveals itself.

Brush with Allah’s colour. Suffer on the path to Allah. Feel the agony and pay the price on the path of Allah. Natural paint glows more with every touch of brush. Can you scrape off the colour of a canary; or a palette of a rose? No, they are natural colours.

This is just like that. Pain and suffering scrapes off the artificial paints on the humans natural colours and reveals the true colours under it. You can see it yourselves when you look at the people who suffer on Allah’s path. So if something happens to you and suffer on Allah’s path; do not fear. That means all those dirty, artificial paints will fall soon. And when it does, all the real, true colours will arise within you.

Compare Allah’s colour and their colours. When you do that, you see that only Allah’s colour is permanent. They might struggle for 10 years, 20 years, 30 years… Just to convert a man to their ideology. They try, they struggle and finally manage to turn him. Paint him; to be more accurate. With their artificial colours. But you may see that maybe in 10 minutes all those decades of paints fall to his feets and in 10 minutes that person turns to his original colour, his real identity, his own essence and become a decent believer on the path to Allah.

Sometimes in 10 seconds, sometimes in 10 days, sometimes that might be 10 months. But eventually, about a small fragment of time they tried and tried and tried just to turn you, in just one percent of all those times, that person shake off all that paint. Don’t you see; look around. Those people who reach Allah’s salvation, shake off 3 years, 5 years, 10… 20… 30 years of dirty and artificial paints, in maybe just ten days. Sometimes in a conversation, sometimes with a single teardrop for the loss of a father or a mother or for the loss of a loved one. One morning, with one single morning ezan (praying call), 20 years of paint comes off. And Allah’s colour shows itself within him.

This is Allah’s colour. Not superstitions, the colour of Hakk. Not artificial, not synthetic. Natural colour. That’s why Allah’s colour is the best colour of all. Allah is the best colour giver of all.

[Additional Info: Every person belong to a religion or a sect, have that religions or sects colour within them. For various worshippers of various religions have all been painted by their intentions. They follow the path of those sects, being painted by the imams and leaders of that particular beliefs.

Philosophers are painted with their minds colours. There are division of colours for those who follow their own egos, according to their motives and intentions. But those who believe the principle of unity are only covered with Allah’s colour. And since there’s no better colour than this, there’s no being other than Allah.

Also Rasulallah (p.b.u.h.) said this: “Allah All-Mighty had created the beings in darkness, then He sprinkle the Light all over them. Whoever had been able to catch, even a small portion of that light; found his way to salvation, and whoever hadn’t get it, became corrupted and went astray. So this Light mentioned here is the colour we read in this verse. (Ibn. Arabi/Tevilat)]

139 – Kul etuhaccunena fillahi ve huve rabbuna ve rabbukum* ve lena amaluna ve lekum a’malukum* ve nahnu lehu muhlisun

Say, “Do you argue with us about Allah? He is our Rabb and your Rabb! Our deeds (and their consequences) are for us, and your deeds (and their consequences) are for you. We turn to Him in pureness of essence.” (A.Hulusi)

Say: Will ye dispute with us about Allah, seeing that He is our Lord and your Lord; that we are responsible for our doings and ye for yours; and that we are sincere (in our faith) in Him? (Abdullah Yusuf Ali)

Kul etuhaccunena fillahi Tell them; “Will you dispute with us about Allah?” Because arguing about the colour of Allah, arguing about whether Allah’s colour is the most beautiful color or not; means arguing about Allah. ve huve rabbuna ve rabbukum Will you argue with us, even Allah is your Rabb as well as ours? ve lena amaluna ve lekum a’malukum Our deeds belong to us and your deeds belong to you. ve nahnu lehu muhlisun We put our faiths to Allah with the pureness of essence, with sincerity. Tell this and submit yourselves only to Allah. If you manage to do that, if you manage to submit yourselves to Allah only; then no one will be able to paint you with their synthetic colours. Allah paints those who submit themselves only to Him, with his own colours, with permanent paints, with the colour of pure essence. And by that they will always be bright and vivid and unwithered even when they face suffering.

“Ve ahiru davana velil hamdulillahi rabbil alemiyn” (Jonah/10) “Praise be to Allah, the Cherisher and Sustainer of the Worlds!” All products of our claims, causes and lives are for Allah and our last word to our Allah is “Hamd”. “Esselamu aleykum.”

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